IndustrySecret Santa “Tech” Gift Suggestions for Your Office

Secret Santa "Tech" Gift Suggestions for Your Office

For work or play, and sometimes both, here's a collection of uncanny gifts perfect for the tech-savvy guy or gal in your life! Smartphone touchscreen gloves, a WiFi detector shirt, digital and social media pillows, Slingbox, and many more.

For work or play, and sometimes both, here’s a collection of uncanny gifts perfect for the tech-savvy guy or gal in your life!

Smartphone Touchscreen Gloves

1. Smartphone Touchscreen Gloves

$19.99 on

Don’t freeze your hand or fingertips just because you have a smartphone or tablet. There are several gloves on the market designed to work with touchscreen devices. Some of the more compelling brands include NorthFace ETIP Glove, Agloves, and Isotoner smarTouch Gloves. Check your local Walmart, Macy’s or large retailer for options and deals!



2. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

$14.99 (sale) on

This shirt literally detects local Wi-Fi signals. Imagine how handy it could be at conferences! If your local business offers free Wi-Fi, this is a fun way to promote it as well. The interactive lighting is always a good conversation starter, especially for introverts!


3. Digital & Social Media Pillows

$22-$28 by Craftsquatch on

Perfect for adorning a home office, workplace reception area, or break room! Choose form a large collection of social media networks or communication icons in a variety of colors.

craftsquatch-facebook-pillow Google Pillow Twitter Pillow Chat Message Pillow



4. Star Wars Dark Side Roast Coffee

$14.99 on

What tech guru doesn’t need a coffee fix? Beware of this blended roast though,.. once you stray down the path of the dark side, you may never return.


USB LED Bendy Light

5. USB-Powered LED Bendy Light

$7.95 on

This flexible and lightweight LED light presents a multitude of uses. No backlit keyboard? No problem! Coupled with a USB car charger adapter is easily doubles as a map light in your vehicle. Plus the sleek shape and design is just cool.


Hot Wheel Video Racer

6. Hot Wheels Video Racer (Hidden Micro Camera Car)

$49.99 (sale) on or $54.99 on Mattel

Get ready for a visual Hot Wheels race track ride with this micro camera car! Take it off-road by strapping it to your bike, motorcycle, 4-wheeler, or bungee cord! Beyond the typical “kid” uses, it conveniently doubles as an unsuspecting hidden camera which records up to 12 minutes of video. The car’s underside features a built-in LCD screen for instant playback.


Square Credit Card Reader

7. Square Credit Card Reader

$24.97 by Square on

Easily accept credit cards with this unique mobile accessory! Fees are a flat 2.75% (less than PayPal’s 2.9%) for swiped transactions and there’s no minimum. The possibilities are endless for a mobile entrepreneur – simplify dividing up checks while dining out, easily sell items at a tradeshow, or leverage a friend as an ATM!


8. Stars Wars Force Trainer (MindFlex Technology)

$36.99 on

Literally learn to master the Force! The same MindFlex technology used to empower handicapped individuals to control their wheelchairs with thoughts is available in game form. Force Trainer is an affordable and entertaining gift for the Jedi in your life – young or old. No gimmicks. See it, and believe you will!


Cell Drive Mobile Charger and Flash Drive

9. Cell Drive

$49.99 from

This awesome 4-in-1 device powers, charges, syncs, and stores. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of mobile accessories!

  • Back-up rechargeable battery (over an hour of continuous talk time)
  • USB charger (in case you don’t have your chord)
  • Data sync / media transfer
  • Data storage (4GB)


Bottle Opener Phone Case

10. Bottle Opener Phone Case

$9.99 – $19.99 from

If you need a protective case for your phone, why not make it multifunctional? It’s a perfect gift for any mobile and party enthusiast! This clever combo is available for iPhone 3G/3GS/4G, HTC, and Blackberry.

Stop texting while you’re next to your friends and open a drink for them! (Ok, just doing the latter may be more realistic.)


Star Wars Mimobot Flash Drive - Hans Solo in Carbonite

11. Star Wars USB Flash Drives

$24.99 on

Yub yub! What techy wouldn’t appreciate taking these characters to work with them? Each limited edition Mimobot drive features 4 GB of data storage and comes preloaded with an assortment of Star Wars goodies – wallpapers, icons, avatars, audio, and a screensaver. Collect them all!

Star Wars USB Flash Drives


My Pillow Pets Panda

12. My Pillow Pets Panda 11″

$16.09 on

Google Panda is always lurking, why not making it enjoyable? White hat SEOs can proudly sport this pillow which also functions great as a lap pad for laptops. If the Panda does attack your search rank, you can always turn it into a pinata!



13. PadPivot

$39.99 on

Tablets are great, but face it, they’re slippery little suckers! Make the experience more comfortable with this ingenious gizmo that uses your thigh to comfortably hold your tablet in place.


[ Bonus Ideas ]

(As in, you got your Christmas bonus and you’re willing to spend a little bit more…)

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad

14. Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad

$169.99 by Celluon on

Tired of trying to type messages from the tiny keys on your mobile device? This handy pocket-sized accessory uses infrared to project a full-size keyboard onto any surface and then detects the typing of moving fingers. It’s perfect for college note taking or event live-blogging!



15. Slingbox

$179.99 from Slingbox at Best Buy

Control and watch your home TV (cable, satellite, or DVR) from anywhere over the Internet with this simple piece of hardware that connects to your home media system.

With Slingbox and Wi-Fi your laptop easily becomes a portal to your home television. Perfect for travelers that don’t want to miss their favorite sporting event!

Tip: Add on the SlingPlayer mobile app ($29.99) to access Slingbox via your mobile device.


What tech gifts did you like best? Add your favorites or any new ideas to the comments!


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