Google Integrates Google+, Gmail, Contacts


Google is combining its three major services that focus on connecting with other people. Users can now take advantage of Google+ to filter emails, view recent Plus updates in Gmail, and get updated information in Contacts via Google profiles.

It’s unsurprising to see deeper integration of the major Google products, especially inasmuch as they help push the Google+ social network. Here are the ways you can now use your Plus connections to supe up other services – and vice versa:

  • The profile box of anyone you email who’s also on Google+ will give a quick link to the “Add to Circles” option.
  • For anyone you’re connected to on Google+ or who has public posts available, the Gmail profile box will also show the most recent post.
  • Filter your email or Contacts by +Circles – including either choosing a specific circle or viewing only emails/contacts from those in at least one of your circles.
  • You can now, at your option, display the circle label of those who email you.
  • Profile information for those you connect to in Gmail or Contacts will now automatically be updated using the Google+ Profile information of the user. Only information that would already be visible to you (e.g., made public or shown to you based on the +Circles settings of the user) will be updated.
  • You can share photo attachments that are emailed to you directly in Google+. You will still have full control over the exact visibility of those pictures.

Google Engineering Director Mark Striebeck notes that many of these ideas came from users. He also indicates that adding the Gmail page on Google+ will give interested users the opportunity to participate in future discussions of that nature.

What do you think of the Google+/Gmail integration?

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