AnalyticsMonetate Launches Agility Suite, Enables Unlimited Real-Time Testing & Updates Without IT

Monetate Launches Agility Suite, Enables Unlimited Real-Time Testing & Updates Without IT

Monetate, the cloud-based e-commerce platform behind 20 percent of all U.S. Black Friday online sales, has launched a new product suite that allows unlimited testing and site updates using real-time data, without coding or IT involvement.

Monetate Agility Suite launches today, giving marketers the ability to run tests and make site changes on the fly, even from a tablet or smartphone. Five products inside the toolkit enable unlimited A/B or multivariate testing with real-time data, dynamic badging, in-session customer behavior analysis and more, without coding and outside the IT queue.

Blair Lyon, VP Marketing with Monetate, spoke with Search Engine Watch about their new product suite and what it means for marketers.

“We now have the ability to change anything, anywhere on the site experience, in real time. And we can do all of that without going to the places you would usually ago, to the CMS or backend. People can make these changes on their iPhone, iPad or any other browser-based tablet with JavaScript ability,” he said.

Lyon explained how the Monetate Agility Suite solves the marketer’s dilemma of balancing the desire to run tests and act on real-time data with respect for the fragile ecosystem of an e-commerce website. “With so many elements working together on-site, one misstep can have serious consequences,” he said. “We put one line of JavaScript in the global header of your site. That tag has the ability to take those 25 systems and allow you to change whatever you want, without the risk of breaking the site. It’s a really easy way of optimizing the site.”

Monetate Agility Suite Components & Capabilities

To give an idea of the testing scale possible with Agility Suite’s TestLab, one of the new products in the toolkit, Lyon said the average number of campaigns running across their client base has increased from 48 to 52 per day over last month. Monetate TestLab capabilities include reusable actions and multi-page testing, with no throwaway data or coding.

Their Merchandiser product allows marketers to run dynamic badging for specific time periods anywhere across the site. Suggestive upselling and cross-selling boxes allow for site-wide merchandising; marketers can change navigation around and reorganize content without accessing the backend or IT assistance.

Monetate LiveTarget combines real-time data with external data to target based on relevance, relational geo-targeting, or device targeting optimization, for example. Marketers can change the experience based on in-session behavior with dynamic text insertion to connect with key audience segments and deliver a more relevant site experience.

The Touchpoints component gives marketers the ability to optimize the customer experience across channels and create consistency in messaging across customer touchpoints including email, social, search, display, affiliate and other inbound channels.

Finally, Monetate SmartCanvas makes it possible to accomplish all of these tasks quickly, from desktops or mobile devices, removing IT constraints and platform limitations. Leveraging Monetate’s cloud-based browser layer, marketers can change anything on the fly, developing and rapidly deploying features including site apps and custom API widgets.

Monetate Agility Suite Opening Up to New Sectors


Primarily a retail-specific solution, Monetate has repackaged and extended their offerings to different types of buyers and industries, including finance, insurance, and travel. Marketers answer four personalization questions to build out and personalize a page before deployment. During testing and ongoing site updates, they can then overlay third party data such as demographics or weather information to optimize pages.

Founded in 2008, Monetate is now a leading cloud-based e-commerce solution, responsible for influencing 20 percent of the $816 million in online sales on Black Friday 2011. They recently closed their $20 million B round of funding and service clients including Macy’s, Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, and the NBA Store.

“It’s all about moving faster in the experience and being able to adapt in real-time,” Lyon said. “Marketers are really challenged right now in terms of how they respond to new social channels and customers addicted to mobile and tablets, who are used to a seamless experience. They have to handle more, respond faster, and create a consistent experience.”


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