Google Readying Google Drive, Dropbox-Like Cloud Storage

Clouds superimposed on a computer keyboardGoogle is readying a Dropbox-like service and will soon enter the cloud computing storage market, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Google Drive service is expected to allow users to store documents, photos, and videos on the cloud and make them accessible from any connected device.

The service will come in particularly useful for those who want to share large files as they can be hosted on Drive and accessed via links.

As with all Google-based services Drive is expected to offer a limited amount of storage to consumers and businesses. Users needing more may have to pay a fee, which is the same way that Dropbox and iCloud operate.

Google is expected to launch the service with a dedicated application, making use of the millions of Android devices that already dominate the market.

Google is ideally positioned to offer the cloud-based storage service as it has the infrastructure in place to store large volumes of data. 

The Drive service is also likely to complement existing service provided by the firm such as Google Docs and Google+.

Google Docs has proved to be a popular application for SMBs, with the web-based word processing tool available for free and providing most of the core features found in Microsoft Word.

This article was originally published on V3.

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