Facebook Timeline Apps Deliver Big Traffic for Pinterest, More Sites

pinterest-logoSome of Facebook’s timeline app partners are apparently giddy with the relationship so far, according to a post on the company’s developer blog.

Let’s start with the much-hyped Pinterest, one of 60 launch partners announced last month. Since starting its open graph integration, the virtual pin-up board has seen its daily visitors increase 60 percent.

Retail brand Fab.com’s traffic originating from Facebook grew 50 percent. According to Facebook, the jump has come from Fab.com’s shopping app and new live feeds via the timeline.

Facebook disclosed only percentage increases, not raw numbers. The timeline apps let Facebook developers create social media actions such as “want” or “own,” which represent descendants of the lesser descriptive “Like” button. Theoretically, since the actions are more colorful, they are helping drive more Facebook.com eyeballs to the timeline app partners.

Here are other factoids from Facebook’s blog post:

  • Pose, a digital discovery vehicle for the fashion-minded, experienced a 5X bump in daily signups for its website and mobile app.
  • Artfinder.com has seen visitors’ time spent rise by 60 percent.
  • Foodspotting‘s traffic from Facebook has advanced by 3X since implementing its timeline app.
  • And Foodily.com has picked up 4X the new users compared to before.

Facebook also announced the launch of 12 more timeline apps this week for Buzzfeed, CBS Local (Los Angeles and New York), CMT, The Daily Show, GetGlue, Huffington Post, Mashable, MSNBC.com, MTV News, Pixable, Sporting News, and Today Show. Facebook also highlighted the success of existing media site timeline apps:

  • Yahoo: 25 million have opted in to Social Bar; 2 million using daily.
  • Rockmelt: 20 percent increase in traffic.
  • Guardian UK: 5 million installs.
  • Digg: Pageviews up 35 percent; 2X monthly active users; 4X increase in weekly active users; 3X increase in daily active users.

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