Yandex Adds Social Search Results, Partners With Twitter

Russia’s top search engine Yandex has made two big moves on the social search front. In addition to incorporating content from popular social networks into its search results, Yandex has partnered with Twitter to make tweets searchable in real time.

Social Networking Search

Yandex announced Monday that it will add public profiles from popular Russian social networks – including VKontakte, Facebook, LiveJournal, and Odnoklassniki – within its search results.

If more than one profile matches a user’s query, then Yandex will add one to the top of its search results and show all the others on a separate page. Yandex users can also filter their searches by age, location, or workplace. When there are multiple profiles for the same person, they will be grouped together in the search results.

“It is so much more convenient to see multiple profiles of the same person grouped together,” Alexander Chubinskiy, Project Manager at Yandex, said in a press release. “Yandex does this grouping with care – only those profiles that refer to one another get grouped. Web users can choose if they want their profiles on different websites to appear in search results separately, or as grouped together. So, if one of your personal profiles refers to others, the icons of those websites on which they are hosted will appear on the same thumbnail. Conversely, the user can remove cross-reference from their personal pages so that each of the profiles appears in Yandex’s search results independently.”

The company said about 250 million profile pages have been indexed. Of the 2 million people searches conducted daily on Yandex, about half are for celebrities, with the other half being for friends, co-workers, or contacts of some other kind.

Yandex, Twitter Strike Deal


Yandex today announced it has reached a deal with Twitter that will give the search engine access to Twitter’s “firehose” of real-time data. New tweets in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, or Kazakh from more than 2 million Twitter users can be found within moments of being tweeted in Yandex’s Blog Search or by searching on Yandex users can search by user name or hashtag.

Financial details were not disclosed. The deal seems comparable to the agreement Twitter recently renewed with Bing – which reportedly cost Bing $30 million.

Twitter’s deal with Google, which powered Google Realtime search, expired last summer. There has been no movement on a new partnership between the two companies – and one seems more unlikely based on Twitter’s criticism of Google following the launch of Search Plus Your World.

“We are currently concentrating on social networking search. This partnership with Twitter reinforces our effort in this area,” Anton Pavlov, Yandex’s Blog Search Manager, said in a press release. “People share news, exchange opinions and discuss all sorts of matters in real time all the time. This kind of information will help us enhance our search results.”

Yandex, like Google in the U.S., commands a search market share of more than 60 percent.

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