Dear Marilyn, Thankyou for Making Us Great

Marilyn Crafts

The search marketing industry is losing one of its longest members, someone many may not know, but a person who has contributed to the success of what we all do. Marilyn Crafts, the Senior Program Director at Incisive Media, has been the invaluable behind-the-scenes person who made Search Engine Strategies conferences work smoothly since 2000.

Enjoy your retirement Marilyn. You will be missed.

I have enjoyed the years that I have known you and appreciate all the help you have given me. I remember my first speaking session as a novice unorganized speaker, you were there to help get my presentation uploaded and gave me words of encouragement that calmed me down and got me focused on the job at hand.

I appreciate all the sessions you placed me on, either as a moderator or speaker.

When the industry was just starting you kept up on who we all were. You knew the areas we all had skills in and made sure the SES conferences had a great cross section of speakers, mixing those who were very technical with others who were more anecdotal to ensure the panels were highly informative, as well as entertaining.

I know there are a lot of very successful people in this industry right now who will be giving you credit for some of their success. Personally speaking, I know you were an integral part in the growth of my own brand and recognition in the industry.

Enjoy your retirement and please keep in touch. Please know that if you ever have any need for help in any thing you do in retirement, there is an army of grateful people who would love to return the favors you have given us over the years.

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