Personalized Search, Clients from Hell & How Not To Be An SEO

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Linkdex recently announced last month’s winners of their ongoing competition to win $250. Below are three animations that take an irreverent look at aspects of the search marketing industry and satirize real life situations which we often find ourselves in.

First place went to Alex Moss for his entry 3 Rules: What not to do as an SEO. Alex’s film is a cautionary tale about boasting of your SEO achievements at a networking event.

In particular, he has an axe to grind with so-called SEOs who attribute all their success to their own efforts rather that understanding and acknowledging that rank changes can just as easily happen due to “powers beyond your grasp”. In his own words, “The script I have written contains situations that are all true – having either experienced them myself or had someone I know tell me it happened to them.”

Simon Heseltine was announced as a runner up for his entry: The Client From Hell. Simon’s film is a classic challenge you can face in the boardroom of hell.

In particular, Simon’s SEO film script focusses on people’s tendency to “believe that SEO is a switch that you turn on and off, it’s a magic wand that you wave to make things happen right away. The truth is that SEO takes time, and depending on the competition, and the artifacts that you have available to you, that time will vary. Sure you can make some things happen in 7-10 days, but you’re not going to knock out major news sites with legitimate, aged, ranking articles about the company in that time frame.”

For obvious reasons, SEW wasn’t eligible to enter the competition but Linkdex kindly turned a script I sent them into an animation. My film deals with a question I have been grappling with this year, namely what is the actual point of integrating social data into search?

My script is only true insofar as I often burst into Mike Grehan’s office with a question about “the latest thing” and usually his answer is that social data is transforming the web. The film imagines a future of mobile search where voice activated personal assistants like Siri are ubiquitous and social sign-in on e-commerce sites has become so advanced that they can predict exactly what you want to buy based on your social data and sharing habits.

In the cartoon there are numerous clues as to what data might be used, such as the flags on Mike’s desk, the background scene through the window and the writing on his mug upon which the punchline is based… hopefully it is not lost on you!

These are just the SEO film scripts that have been animated so far by the Linkdex Stories competition. Linkdex tell me that the competition is ongoing and they plan to make more – so get a pen and start writing to win $250 and get your video made next month!

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