Review of Qwaya’s Self Service Facebook Advertising Tool

When Facebook launched they never created a reliable advertising tool for businesses. From the get go, with a drive to gain popularity, Facebook became a place where you checked up on old friends and occasionally posted a video of someone falling from a trampoline. But today, with over 850 million users, businesses and web entrepreneurs are flocking to the site trying to make their voice heard and acquire a social following of their own.

However, until this week, the problem remained that Facebook did not have a good self service tool for managing advertising on their site.

In light of this, over the past few months, I have been looking for a tool that could streamline my advertising on Facebook. I recently found a freemium tool from and put it to work to see whether or not it could make my life easier.

Anyone who has tried to put up a series of ads with different images and copy, targeting various demographics, compared bidding prices and tried to analyze the performance of each individual ad to see which elements to improve, has realized that Facebook cannot fulfill your needs.

When posting a small number of ads per day the Facebook advertising tool works well enough, but as soon as there’s a serious volume of ads, promoting different sites and Facebook pages or campaigns, it’s complicated to get an accurate overview of everything in one place. It’s easy to make simple mistakes and fail to get the most out of the advertising.

The best way to look at the tools is by focusing on what’s different from traditional Facebook advertising.

1. Creating and Saving Creative Work

One major upside of using this tool instead of putting up ads directly through Facebook is the opportunity to make folders and templates and save all the creative work. It gives a much better overview of past work and ads in the pipeline.

Qwaya Facebook Advertising Tool

I wouldn’t say the actual ad creation is much better here compared to Facebook – it’s still title, body text and image – but being able to go back to old templates to tweak and reuse the material is a big advantage. I also like the fact that it’s possible to tie different Facebook ad accounts to the Qwaya tool. It gives a better view of where I spend money and how much.

2. Bulk Ad Creation

One feature that Qwaya is pushing hard is their “Bulk Creation,” which means that you can put in various titles, body texts and images and the tool will combine these in different ways to create a number of unique ads.

Qwaya Facebook Advertising Tool

“Two titles, two body texts, one URL and two images will result in eight different ads.”

This works well for generic topics – when your title doesn’t need to be explained in the body text and vice versa – but when you need a consistent message throughout the ad, this might not be the best option.

But on the other hand, bulk creation is an easy and fast way to test a number of ads and see which one has the highest click-through rate, but for many businesses it’s the image (and possibly the headline) that matters most.

3. Analyzing Ad Statistics

Something that’s missing on Facebook is a way of tracking and analyzing the results of ad campaigns, and what little information is available is not presented in a particularly good way. This is where Qwaya far outshines Facebook.

You can compare factors such as click-through rate, clicks, and impressions together with goal and e-commerce tracking from Google Analytics – everything presented so that you can graph and analyze a campaign or an individual ad.

When using the analytic tools it’s a lot easier to get a picture of actual performance and where improvements could be made. Does the ad get too little attention? Does it get the wrong kind of clicks? Is there something wrong with the landing page the traffic is directed to? I like really like that Qwaya can give a full picture of the complete conversion funnel.

Another feature that brings a marketer good benefit is is the keyword tracking tool. With Qwaya it’s possible to track the keywords used in the ads to see which ones receive the most attention and have the best conversion. If you’re working with a brand, you’ll soon find out which keywords trigger your customers and perhaps different keywords work best in different demographics.

Qwaya Facebook Advertising Tool

All-in-all, the tracking and analyzing services allows a user to optimize the ads and improve their performance while working inside an interface that is far more intuitive than Facebook’s ads manager.

Editor’s Note: This a guest post written by Hayden James.

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