Cube Turns Google Maps Into Puzzle Game


First there was Google Play. Now you can play Google Maps. Google has released Cube, a Google Maps-based game where you take control of a small blue ball and navigate it around various cities while learning factoids about Google Maps.

To play, it’s pretty simple. Using your mouse, you navigate your blue ball through eight cubic cities around the world. It’s pretty comical when you run over the bike lane it will warn you to stay out of the bike lane and recommends a much safer path.

On Level 1, you’ll navigate the ball to the Google pin (a Bowling Alley in Brooklyn) For Level 2, you’ll navigate your way through San Francisco (my hometown) biking your way to four of the big local landmarks.

You’ll navigate your way through Paris to the Eiffel Tower on Level 3. One thing I love is Google tells you which roads are the best to travel to certain locations. Your ball will slow down if there is heavy traffic. For Level 4, you find yourself in London trying to find your way to Big Ben during rush hour. Yes, your marble will go extremely slow if you hit traffic.

On Level 5, Tokyo here we come! This is a great way to see all the touristy locations while getting to know your way around. Fly around the world to Las Vegas for Level 6. You’ll get to know the top six reviewed restaurants in the area

On Level 7 you’re indoors at the Mall of America where you have to navigate through all four floors to find all the Google Offers at the mall. Level 8 is the final level. You use your skills in the previous city to navigate your way through a changing city.

Currently the fastest time is 2 minutes, 45 seconds. I was way slower then this, clocking in at 7 minutes and 12 seconds! What’s your best time?

Cube isn’t Google’s only new game. Zerg Rush debuted last week, a game where users are tasked with defending the search results. If that’s not enough, there’s always Google’s Pac-Man

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