Need a Beer? KegDroid Has Got You Covered!


Do you love beer? Do you love Android? Meet KegDroid, a revolutionary new way to get your beer!

Built on Google’s Android operating system, KegDroid’s design lets you select and order your beer at the click of a button. The KegDroid, also known as “Betsy” will then dispense your favorite brew. The Android beer dispenser was developed by Paul Carff, an employee of Google who says his passion has been brewing beers since 1991.

How it works?

  • NFC Reader – Authenticate will connect to the controller. It will also verify your identity.
  • Ardunio Controller – That will allow you to select your personal brew that you want.
  • Xoom Tablet – Where you can select which beer you want on a beautiful touchscreen and it will start pouring your a beer!

The tablet that runs KegDroid is running the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. This allows it to protect its assets and authenticate a person by grabbing your name and photo off a badge to verify it with your Google+ page. Carff says that you could also authenticate with an RFID badge as well.

After authenticating you are able to select on the Xoom Tablet whether you would like a 1 ounce, 8 ounce, or 12 ounce of the brew of your choice. The machine also keeps track of temperature, how many beers you’ve had, as well show much beer is left in the machine.

Even though this is only beer, it is proving a concept that RFID and other modern technologies are the future of innovation and could be something big in the future. If people accept these types of technologies we could have tons of products like this in the world. I love it.

Want one of these KegDroid’s? They aren’t for sale yet, but I’d love to know how many people would be willing to use one or even be willing to buy one!

Googlers were the brains behind some Google-y beer brewing last year. Wonder if KegDroid might serve up some of that limited edition URKontinent beer?


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