17 Ways SMBs Can Survive the Google Penguin Update Effect

"Google drives all my traffic, now I'm screwed!” It’s a familiar refrain among small- to medium-sized businesses in the wake of Google Penguin. Learn how adding the influence of social media and public relations to your marketing mix can help.

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May 03, 2012 Categories

zonk-sproing-powIt’s going to be OK… Google promises! But what does that mean to the small- to medium-sized business owner? Especially the ones who do everything by the “Google book” only to fearfully watch Google web visits plummet with every ruthless update.

Launched last week, the Google Penguin update is designed to get rid of spammy websites and businesses Google has identified as trying to cheat the system. The algorithm change is said to promote high quality content and penalize webspam while impacting about 3 percent of search queries.

Google: Doing The Right Thing, Not Always The Right Way

Contrary to popular belief, Google says the Penguin intent is to help the overall search experience versus put legitimate businesses in jeopardy of losing precious web traffic and bottom line sales. Unfortunately, innocent bystanders report they are taking a hit with little defense against Google, the largest search engine boasting 66.4 percent of the search market share and not to be ignored.

How can a business protect itself from the potential crush of Penguin or the next Google algorithm change? There is something to be said for not putting all your SEO eggs in Google’s basket.

Deep SEO Inhale… Long Social Media Exhale

There is life beyond Google for gaining online visibility. The opportunities are greater than ever to take part in some healthy SEO living from other organic marketing sources in places like social media networks. Read on advice from veteran online marketers.

5 SEO Experts Share How to Optimize Outside of Google

Will Scott, online marketer and founder of Search Influence, offered four strategies for websites looking for fresh, non-Google alternatives:

Cody Swann, CEO CEO/Gunner Technology, offered two pieces of advice:

Bob Tripathi, founder and chief marketer at Instant E-Training, added three additional tips:

Jason Yormark, senior VP of marketing and social media at ShowPony, also shared some social media marketing ideas:

Marty Weintraub, co-owner and founder of aimClear Online Marketing Agency, also shared some marketing wisdom for Penguin victims looking to come in out of the cold:

Life Beyond Google: Is it Pinning?

If you’re thinking, “Google drives all my traffic, now I’m screwed!”. You’re not.

One new avenue to generate traffic to your website is via Pinterest – now the third most-popular social network in the U.S. behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian Hitwise. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined.

As has been stated numerous times, Google is one marketing channel. Why limit yourself? Empower the influence of social media and public relations in your marketing mix. Make the news and be the news.

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