Mother’s Day 2012 Google Doodle Celebrates Moms With Animated Logo


Happy Mother’s Day! Google’s tribute to moms in Australia, North America and other parts of the world for Mother’s Day 2012 is an animated play on their logo. On landing on the Google homepage, visitors are greeted by the second “g” in Google as the mother, with the two smallcase o’s her children.

Mom, the blue lowercase “g” in her pearl necklace, is surprised by her two kids, the red and yellow o’s, as they bounce in an open door and hand her a purple flower (reminiscent of the last year’s Mother’s Day Google Doodle). Jumping into her arms – well, as much as letters of the alphabet have arms – they have a group hug before the rest of the gray letters of Google’s logo fade in.

The logo links to search results for “Mother’s Day.”


Today’s Google Doodle is their second mom-inspired design this year. The search company released the above version, created to appear as though a child artist armed with crayons had doodled it, on March 18 when Mother’s Day was celebrated in countries including Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Tunisia, Jordan, Bahrain, United Kingdom and El Salvador.

Google also celebrated “super-user” moms in a pre-Mother’s Day blog post. Stay-at-home mom and musician Heather Fay made the list for her use of Google+ and Google Play, while Betty Givan came to Google’s attention by releasing over 1,100 of her Southern cooking recipes as YouTube videos. SEW is also honoring YouTube “super-user” mom’s in an interview with the same Betty Givan of Betty’s Kitchen and Mindy McKnight of Cute Girl Hairstyles.

MSN reports families plan to spend more on Mom this year, with the average Mother’s Day gift expected to reach $152, up 8 percent over last year. Total spending on Mother’s Day gifts should reach $18.6 billion, according to the National Retail Federation’s consumer spending survey.

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