Google Search Results Test Adds More Instant Answers

Some Google users in a test group are seeing a big change to their search results. Search queries for movies, TV shows, people, sports teams, music, books are among those triggering these instant answers directly on Google’s search result pages, in some cases eliminating the need for a user to click through to another website.

A similar test was spotted back in November. In what became known Google “Sources”, the search feature added Wikipedia information and pictures, among other information, in the right column where ads typically appear. Around the same time, Google rolled out new look local search results, featuring maps, pictures, menus, and reviews.

Here’s an example search for “Lost”:


Image via Search Engine Land

On the right, Google shows details about the TV series. It includes actors that are cast on the show, and more show information from Wikipedia.

Clicking on the name of an actor would send you to a new search page for that actor, along with a new bio box. The “Sources” label has been dropped and Google has added a “People also search for” section to drive more searches.

For those signed into Google+, you’ll also see Google+ information related to your search, such as latest posts, above the instant answer box.

No official word from Google on when these results will roll out to all users. There has been much hype around Google’s forthcoming “entity” search, and this seems to confirm that Google is still hard at work perfecting these new results that provide users with a richer experience that goes beyond 10 blue links.

Are you seeing these search results yet? Do you want these in your search results or do you find them annoying or unnecessary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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