Doodle 4 Google 2012 Winner Travels to Pirate Times


It’s the coloring contest that blows all others out of the water. Second-grader Dylan Hoffman of Caledonia, Wisconsin, scored a $30,000 college scholarship, a $50,000 technology grant for his school, and a Chromebook as the winner of Doodle 4 Google 2012.

Dylan’s “Pirate Times” drawing took top honors in Google’s annual coloring contest for kids, which this year asked entrants to illustrate their response to the question, “If I could travel in time I’d visit…”

Of course, this makes Dylan pretty much the coolest kid on the planet in our books. Who doesn’t love pirates or Talk Like a Pirate Day?

In describing his picture to Google, Dylan said if he could travel in time, he would “sail a pirate ship looking for treasure, have a colorful pet parrot and enjoy beautiful sunsets from deserted islands.” Kid, that sounds great. When do we leave?


We found this super cute video of Dylan, alongside two Google reps, unveiling his drawing to fellow students at Prairie School in Racine, Wisconsin.

When asked, “Why should people vote for your picture over everyone else?” Dylan mugs for the camera and responds, “Because it’s for Wisconsin,” giving the cameraman a big thumbs up… then throwing the horns. Check it out:

All 50 finalists from across the U.S. were in New York last week, where they participated in an exhibition of their artwork at the New York Public Library (until July 19). In addition to the monetary reward, Google’s homepage on Friday featured Dylan’s Pirate Times and it will also appear on special edition Crayola 64-pack crayon boxes in the fall.

This year, Google received over 114,000 Doodle 4 Google submissions and saw millions of votes cast. Four national finalists will each receive a $5,000 college scholarship:

  • Grades 4-5: Talia Mastalski, Grade 5, East Pike Elementary School, Indiana, Penn., for her doodle “Traveling to me.”
  • Grades 6-7: Herman Wang, Grade 6, Suzanne Middle School, West Covina, Calif., for his doodle “Retro City.”
  • Grades 8-9: Susan Olvera, Grade 8, SOAR Alternative School, Lafayette, In., for her doodle “Traveling Back to the Future.”
  • Grades 10-12: Cynthia Cheng, Grade 11, Edison High School, Edison, NJ, for her doodle “A World of Adventure.”

Last year’s Doodle 4 Google winner, 7-year old Californian Matteo Lopez, won for his depiction of Earth from space, as he dreamed of being an astronaut.

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