VideoHow to Make Videos for YouTube Mobile

How to Make Videos for YouTube Mobile

YouTube Mobile gets more than 600 million views a day, making the #2 video-viewing website in the world – right after YouTube itself. Interested in learning how to edit and optimize videos for YouTube Mobile? Your journey start here.

Mark Yoshimoto NemcoffYouTube Mobile gets more than 600 million views a day, making the #2 video-viewing website in the world – right after YouTube itself. So, a lot of marketers are interested in learning how to make videos for YouTube Mobile.

One of the places where they can learn how to create and edit video for mobile devices is the new site.

For example, the site provides five “Deadtime” mobile video tips.

The site also offers three videos in its Mobile Minutes series. The first provides mobile video tips about shooting in landscape.

Search Engine Watch interviewed one of’s experts, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff. He’s a bestselling and award-winning author. He is a former Sirius Satellite Radio drive time show and TV host. You can also see his how-to tips at how to .tv.

Greg Jarboe: How does search on mobile devices differ from desktop devices?

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff: Mobile vs. desktop search is a far different beast. The mobile experience is centered upon immediacy and consumer-driven content. At home, I most likely have more time to poke around than I would on the go and the obvious luxury of more screen real estate. On my mobile device, especially if I’m paying a premium for bandwidth, I want my search results optimized for the best return at the top of my screen.

Android devices are always logged in, so those users will see more personalized search results due to the data mined from their devices. Because of the geo-location capabilities that are constantly in background use in mobile devices, local results tend to rank higher in mobile search.

In general, Google Places rankings will be higher in mobile than for desktop for all devices. So if your video has any kind of “local-interest” component, i.e. “the best apple pie in Nashville” and your aim is to draw people or consumers to one location, you may indeed have better search results from mobile than from desktop searches.

One other thing for video creators to take into account is that image results often rank higher than video results, so you may catch more mobile search traffic with a great screen grab from your video that hopefully leads people to your target page.

GJ: How would you optimize a video for mobile devices?

MYN: Keep it short and sweet. Again, think of the immediacy of the mobile experience. Your target audience is less likely to sit through a 10 minute video on their mobile device, especially if they’re on the go, than they would a good 60 second video.

You can always make a separate mobile-friendly (and shorter) edit of your longer piece. Yes, your longer video may be a work of pure genius, but if your mobile audience/customer has to wait forever for it to load or is on the go, they may never see the whole thing anyway.

I worked for a company years ago and we discovered something really important to our viewership. If we cut down the average length of a video by one half, we would generally see the viewership triple. The “sweet spot” for video changes constantly (mostly trending toward shorter and shorter videos) and with mobile and the increased cost of 4G bandwidth to the consumer, time is definitely money.

GJ: How do mobile users discover “Related” videos for each video they watch on their phone?

MYN: Even in mobile, if you put your videos up on a YouTube channel, the viewer will see a screen that has several options to view more content after your video has finished playing. Now, if the topicality of your videos are all very different, then they may see a combination of prompts for more of your content along with those for other people’s content that is similar in topic or title.

If you’re concerned with keeping those mobile viewers locked onto your stream of content, then one of your best bets is to drive them to your hosted site. But remember, in this day and age, you only have mere seconds to convince a viewer to click on your link so one great shorthand to instantly inform your potential audience that you have video on your site is to use a .tv domain.

One benefit to this over using a massive video-sharing web portal is you can gain instant “stickiness” with certain easy-to-use and free WordPress plug-ins so your post will display “related content” links from within your site designed to keep the viewer clicking on more of your content. Remember, branding is the satisfactory repetition of a message. Keep the viewer happy and locked into your content stream and you’ll begin to own a part of their precious mental real estate!


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