Google CEO Larry Page Loses Voice, But ‘Nothing Seriously Wrong’

Google chief executive Larry PageGoogle CEO Larry Page won’t be speaking at the company’s I/O Conference in San Francisco next week because he’s reportedly lost his voice.

Page, 39, attempted to quickly quell fears of health issues, sending an email to Google employees stating that “there is nothing seriously wrong with me” and he will “continue to run the company,” according to numerous published reports.

Soft-spoken Page sat out of the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting on Thursday due to having lost his voice, which Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said could stop Page from speaking at public engagements for several weeks.

“I wanted to start by saying that Larry is very sorry he cannot be here today but he’s unfortunately lost his voice,” Schmidt told investors. “This means he can’t do any public speaking engagements for the time being – that includes today’s shareholder meeting, I/O next week, and our earnings call in mid-July.

“That said, Larry will, of course, continue to run the company. He will be involved in all the strategic business decisions we make – just like today. In fact Sergey has said it may make Larry a better CEO because he will have to choose his words carefully.”

Although Page won’t be in attendance, we’re expecting interesting revelations at next week’s Google I/O Conference. Among these topics will be the next iteration of the Android mobile operating system known as Jelly Bean and the firm’s long rumored tablet, which is expected to launch as the Asus Nexus 7.

This article was originally published on the Inquirer.

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