How to Remove Google’s Black Navigation Bar

Since the black Google+ bar debuted last year, there have been plenty of complaints about it. It was retired in favor of a drop-down menu. Then it had a second coming. And many people still hate it.

How do you remove the black bar? A new trick to eliminate the navigation bar from Google’s home page has been discovered by Tecno-Net.

You can either go to Google via this address: Adding “?esrch=Agad::Public” is the key to making the black navigation bar vanish.

Below are a couple pictures when you search for [Search Engine Watch] with and without the black bar to see the difference.



The same search with the added code actually returns a slightly different set of results, however. This happens for multiple sites, not just Search Engine Watch.

The difference seems to be in the presentation of the sitelinks, where in the first screenshot there are sitelinks (to our SEO section, Forums, PPC section, etc.), but in the second screenshot those links appear as regular organic results.

Everything else on Google still appears to work the same. Do you see any problems with or without it?

Though Tecno-Net takes this to mean Google is planning to eliminate the bar, we won’t jump to that conclusion just yet, as Google runs several search experiments, some of which never are rolled out.

What are your opinions on the black bar, do you like it?

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