PPCInnovative Retargeting Tactics

Innovative Retargeting Tactics

The following uses of retargeting allow you to target potential customers based on their interactions with your content, social media profiles, or even other relevant websites. Here are a few smart ways marketers can place a retargeting pixel.

head-targetToo often advertisers only retarget users who reach their homepage or fall off during the conversion process. But what about all of the other potential customers that are visiting your blog, looking for information about your industry or simply interacting with your social media profiles?

The following uses of retargeting don’t necessarily fall under “traditional” retargeting. However, these tactics will allow you to target potential customers based on their interactions with your content, social media profiles, or even other relevant websites.

You can place a retargeting pixel in some interesting places. Here are a few innovative retargeting ideas.

Social Media Retargeting

Think about how many people visit your blog each day. What about all of those Facebook fans you have that visit your page and comment on your latest status update? Are they not potential candidates to be up or cross sold?

You will also often see potential customers who are within the research phase of the purchase cycle check out a company’s blog, Facebook page, or other social media profiles. These potential customers are prime targets for targeted advertising campaigns.

Targeting users who interact with your social media profiles is an oft overlooked opportunity. When used correctly, properly placed retargeting pixels can allow you to micro-target people with upsell opportunities.

One of the best opportunities to utilize this tactic is to imbed a retargeting pixel within a custom tab on Facebook. If you are running a special promotion or promoting a new product that will be utilizing a custom tab, you can easily target users who interact with this campaign through retargeting.

Just because someone makes it to your Facebook page does not mean they’ll convert. By overlaying retargeting, you exponentially increase your chances of converting the potential customer.

Utilize Link Building Tactics For Retargeting

One of the more creative ways to utilize retargeting and micro targeting is reaching out to website owners just like you would for link building, but instead of asking them to drop a link, you ask them to place a retargeting pixel on highly relevant content. Sure, you may need to come to some kind of financial deal to move this forward, but it is worth it.

When potential customers are reading reviews of products or researching an industry you can deliver a specific message to drive them into your conversion funnel. As they migrate away to other sites, you’ll be there with messaging that leads to you converting them.

Taking the above idea a step further and taking some more ideas from our SEO friends, you could create additional web properties, fill them with quality content related to your industry, and target those users who visit the sites. I’m not condoning content farms, but if done correctly, this can work very well.

On Line Video (OLV) Retargeting

Online Video Advertising (OLV) has become a necessary marketing channel for many large scale advertisers and is also starting become a successful avenue for small and medium sized businesses.

Ad networks and DSP’s that have the capabilities of serving your video advertising often will also offer you the opportunity to retarget users who have viewed your advertisement. You’ll be able to deliver remarketing messaging to users who have been exposed to your brand.

By utilizing both OLV and retargeting together, you increase your chance of converting the potential customers by exposing them to your brand via OLV and then moving them through the conversion process with targeted display and text ads.

Partner Sites

partner-sites-retargetingAnother great way to attract potential customers is to utilize additional websites and/or content.

Depending on your company’s structure, you may be utilizing more than one website (different companies under a single holding company or brand).

A perfect example of this would be Disney; they have different web properties dedicated to shows, the theme park and of course selling their merchandise. If a site visitor is reading information about the movie “Toy Story”, you would be missing out on possible sales by not remarketing them with Toy Story products.

Upselling/Complimentary Products

upsell-do-you-want-fries-with-thatA great way to increase LTV (lifetime value) of your customers is to upsell them or have them continuously purchase new products.

If you get creative with your remarketing efforts you can target someone who recently bought a new baseball bat with ads of other baseball related products such as a glove or cleats.

You already have established trust and awareness by receiving the first purchase, so getting them to return will not be as hard.


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