Google, Bing Grow Search Market Share as Yahoo Continues to Wither

Google Bing Yahoo logosGoogle further increased its already dominant share of the U.S. search engine market in June, topping its own record set in May, according to comScore. Bing also saw its market share increase, while Yahoo’s decline extended to 10 months.

Google’s share of the U.S. search engine market stood at 66.8 percent as of June – topping its record 66.7 percent, set the month prior. Google commanded 65.5 percent of the U.S. search market a year ago.

Nearest competitor Bing still remains far behind Google, despite seeing continued incremental growth and setting its own, far less spectacular record. Bing grew its search market share to 15.6 percent, up from 15.4 percent in May and up from 14.4 percent a year ago.

For third-place Yahoo, search lost once again, falling from 13.4 percent in May to 13 percent in June. Yahoo’s search share was at 15.9 percent last year – at the time good for second place behind Google.

Ask and AOL remained unchanged month-over-month, at 3 percent and 1.5 percent, respectively. Year-over-year, both Ask and AOL were up .1 percent.

Google-powered organic searches grew to 69 percent in June, up from 68.9 percent in May, while Bing-powered searches remained steady at 25.6 percent, comScore reported.

“Explicit core” searches declined to 17.1 billion in June, a 2 percent drop from May. Google led the way with 11.4 billion searches (down from 11.7 billion in May); Bing was second with 2.7 billion searches (unchanged from May); Yahoo was third with 2.2 billion searches (down from 2.3 billion in May); Ask was fourth with 516 million searches (down from 521 million); and AOL came in fifth with 265 million searches (down from 268 million).

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