Why Tablets Should be a Core Component of Your Paid Search Strategy

At this point nearly every conversation we have with our clients includes a strategy for mobile and tablets.

No longer can you simply focus on desktop as your sole driver. Consumers are engaged across multiple devices, at various times.

Let’s look at some tablet trends, and what the impact might be.

Tablet Growth to 8% of Clicks


The percent of growth for tablets has been incredible.

Our data shows that across all of our clients going back over a year shows that tablets has grown from 1 percent of total clicks to 8 percent. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has seen the news that tablets have been the most rapidly adapted consumer device in history.

However, what’s interesting is how the growth in clicks is outpacing both clicks, and cost. This would indicate that ads are more readily clicked on via tablet devices probably give how the page is laid out, and the types of users of these devices.

This rapid growth validates the need to pay attention to your specific tablet strategy as 8 percent of clicks can be a meaningful volume to your program.

Tablets Don’t Come at a Discounted Price


In the previous chart the percent of cost is only 4 percent of total investment across devices. This becomes really interesting because we’re actually noticing CPCs as the highest of any device, and big spike around the holidays.

Again, the demographics and higher conversion rates of tablets would allow for higher bids to be set. Conversely the difficulty in tracking mobile to direct response metric (i.e., online sales) makes CPCs lower as business try to determine the try value of mobile.

Also, we’re seeing a decline in CPCs across all devices.

CPCs are Constantly Evolving


When looking at CPCs by vertical you can see that financial services have been trying to normalize. While retail remains the lowest, and has been steadily dropping after an increase prior to the holidays. Healthcare is the only vertical to see an increase.

This continues to validate and indicate that businesses are trying to determine the right value for tablets. We think the value for tablets most closely aligns to desktops.

Tablet Ad Spend Has Grown for Retail, but Flattened for Other Verticals


Despite retail having the lowest CPCs the growth in spending on tablets continues to grow, and is around 8 percent. Financial services and healthcare are both flattened around 4 percent of total ad spend. We expect to see this percentage increase as the year goes on, especially around the holidays.


Hopefully some of these data points provide you enough insight to the growth in tablets to establish a sound strategy. There are plenty of great resources for creating that strategy on this site, including how to think about keyword, ad copy, and landing page differences.

Remember, even though these devices most closely align to desktops, their portability, and native capabilities make them their own animal. Don’t let this animal continue to grow without making it a core component to your paid search strategy.

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