AnalyticsGoogle Sunsets ‘Old’ Analytics Reports

Google Sunsets 'Old' Analytics Reports

Google Analytics announced in a blog post that v4 is no more. Starting today consumers will see only the new version - v5, which will include features like real-time analytics reports, social media reports, and content experiments.

It’s been a little over a year since Google Analytics ushered in the “new Google Analytics.” While you didn’t have to transition to version 5 before, you do now. Starting today, you’ll see the new version and only the new version. The “Old version – Reporting” link previously located in the footers is now removed. Google Analytics v4 is no more.

Google Analytics announced the news in a blog post yesterday. The Analytics team says it’s time to leave the old version behind, offering links to the Google Analytics help center and a slew of features that you should focus on, instead of mourning the loss of your favorite reports.

New to v5 include features like real-time analytics reports, multi-channel funnel reports for better attribution tracking, all kinds of social media reports, and content experiments, your simple tool for A/B testing.

But what about…?

If you were holding out because features were missing, Google says it has addressed that. Google Analytics Director of Engineering Paul Muret explained they have taken into account all the feedback they’ve received over the past few years.

“We’ve been listening very closely and doing our best to incorporate the feedback and ideas,” Muret explained. “We are continually working to improve upon Google Analytics and help provide you with tools to make better decisions for your website and marketing programs.”

Ready or not, you need to make the switch. If you were one of the last-minute holdouts, Search Engine Watch can help make the transition to the new Google Analytics easier and help you set up time-saving custom reports.

Will you go quietly into that Google Analytics goodnight? Or will you use this as an excuse to look for an alternative to Google Analytics?




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