Learn from Leading Practitioners and Your Peers at SES San Francisco 2012

ses-san-francisco-2012-logoJust days and counting to the start of SES San Francisco at the Moscone Center on August 14.

Acknowledged as the leading search and social marketing event in the industry, this is where your education begins, improves, and excels. No matter where you are on the learning curve. SES has become a different kind of conference experience.

In customary style, SES kicks off with a kick-ass keynote. Having travelled across three continents with SES this year, digital marketing evangelist with Google, Avinash Kaushik, lands in his own back yard. Hammering home his theme of “Business Optimization In A Digital Age” Avinash has been delighting and enlightening audiences in London, New York, Shanghai, Toronto, and now San Francisco.

Day one of SES actually sees more Googlers than you can shake a stick at when they present an entire track of their own. Learn the latest local, social, and mobile strategies for Google Adwords, tools for targeting search and display and the latest tips and tricks in search marketing management.

And in a year when SEOs started sounding more like zoologists with Pandas and Penguins in every breath, get the scoop from the sharpest minds in the industry on how to stay out of trouble and safely grow your organic traffic online.

Learn From the Guy Who Wrote the Book On It

With the years of experience our speakers have, many of them have written the most popular books on how to succeed as an online marketer. One of the best-selling books out there right now is simply called “Optimize” by industry thought leader Lee Odden Catch his solo session “Optimize B2B Content Across The Sales Cycle” on Wednesday morning.

Another great read is the recently released “Global Search Engine Marketing” book. Whether it’s reaching Europe’s biggest markets that captures your interest or understanding the Asian markets, authors Anne Kennedy and Kristjan Mar Hauksson will be there to share their expertise along with other Global SEM experts.

If you interest lies more with Big Data, look no further than best-selling author Bryan Eisenberg who will be packing everything marketers need to know about big data into an hour long intensive session on Tuesday morning.

And it doesn’t stop there….the SES agenda is full of bestselling authors who are the best at what they do.

Learn From the Guys Teaching the Industry

Everyone likes to know that they are not only learning from the top experts, but the best instructors. At SES San Francisco you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get just that. Many of our speaker faculty are responsible for instructing the industry in key themes across the online marketing landscape through the ClickZ Academy.

From Thom Craver who will be deep diving into Web Analytics to Shari Thurow who will be telling you all you need to consider on Information Architecture for the modern website you will find the best teachers ready to pass on their valuable knowledge to you.

If it’s keywords you’re after, let Bill Hunt share his keyword modelling expertise with you or if it’s optimizing social media that keeps you awake at night, Lisa Buyer together with key brands will provide top tips for getting it right.

Learn From the Industry’s Leading Practitioners

At SES we pride ourselves on bringing you the people who make things happen – the practitioners. The agenda is packed full of leading practitioners from big brands who are ready to share their experiences to help you find that winning formula.

As online marketers we all know that optimizing conversion is the key to success. Mikel Chertudi of Adobe will be taking you right through from strategy to execution in 3 key steps on Wednesday.

Crispin Sheridan of SAP will be presenting a PPC and multi-touch attribution case study focusing on customer behaviour across all digital channels (bought/owned/earned).

On the other end of the industry scale, SES San Francisco brings you representatives from leading platforms and brands in the industry such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Facebook will be showing you how to build your brand more effectively using Paid and Earned and LinkedIn will be analyzing how to mine social media data to add value so don’t miss your chance to hear from the brands leading the way in innovation in our industry.

Learn From Your Peers

But at SES you don’t have to just sit back and listen to the experts – for the first time at SES you now have the opportunity to talk back and get your opinion heard! In this brand new open forum track taking place on Wednesday, SES Talkback, you have a unique chance to collaborate and discuss what you’ve learnt with leading industry experts.

These four sessions covering mobile, blogging, search and social in Asia and the future of search provide the perfect forum for you to get directly involved in the agenda so make sure you check it out.

Carrying on the theme of talking with the experts, SES most popular new session format is making its debut in San Francisco this year. Following on from successes at SES events across North America, Europe and Asia this year, Meet the Experts gives you the chance to set your own agenda and get your questions answered.

The format is simple. Each table has a theme or a topic (link building or display advertising, for instance) and two experts from the SES agenda are ready and waiting to share their expert knowledge. Join a table, chat, learn and then move on to the next table (or stick around in the same place).

There’s no need to rush around all 32 tables in 1 hour as the session takes place on both Tuesday and Wednesday, giving you plenty of time to meet everyone you want to meet. Better still both sessions lead directly into networking events allowing you to continue your conversations over a beer or lunch.

Learn Hard, Play Hard!

Which brings us nicely onto the other side of SES, Networking! SES is never short of networking events and parties and San Francisco this year is leading the way for social events.

The SEW Eliminator quiz is new to SES San Fran and provides the perfect opportunity for you to show off your industry knowledge and make new friends and business contacts. From the Meet and Greet on Monday night, to Webmaster Radio’s infamous Search Bash, and Good Beer for a Good Cause, there is no shortage of evening entertainment so make sure you check out the schedule and we’ll see you at the bar!

Speaking of networking, make sure you head to Vivastream.com and join the SES community. To find out more on how to make the most of this online community, check out this handy guide.

The event is now just one week away and there’s still time to sign up. If you haven’t registered yet don’t leave it much longer – register here. SES San Francisco 2012 is set to be our best ever SES and we look forward to seeing you there!

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