New Google Ad Planner Will Exclude Domains Outside Google Network

Google Ad Planner customers have been receiving email notifications that changes are coming to the tool September 5. Among them, a name change: it will now be known as the Google Display Network Ad Planner.

This is more than a rebrand; users will no longer be able to research domains or ad placements that are not part of the Google Display Network.

Demographic data is being reduced. Users will no longer have access to Keywords Searched For, Videos Also Watched, Household Income or Education.

The Publisher Center, which allows users to claim their own sites, will be deprecated.

Users need to export any data that will no longer be available before the changes go into effect September 5.


Horia Neagu, also known as SEOWolf, first shared the email with Search Engine Watch and panned the changes in a Facebook post. “Google’s Ad Planner tool gets a facelift… and becomes useless,” he said. After recapping the letter, he added, “Given these changes, the tool will become ridiculously useless as of September 5th.” Users on Twitter seemed no more impressed:


What do you think of Google’s announcement and the changes they’re making to the Ad Planner tool?

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