Link Marketing Offline

offlineWhile the idea of using offline marketing strategies for link development might seem foreign to some, it’s not. Marketing is marketing.

Link marketing isn’t all that different from regular marketing. It’s about making people aware and getting them to take an action. Instead of the action of buying – in link marketing it’s getting them to make a recommendation or reference online.

Of course you’re going to need a compelling reason for them to do that. Perhaps it’s a contest or a resourceful tool, such as a mobile app. It needs to be something people will naturally want to tell others about or reference.

Here are some maybe not so obvious offline strategies to consider.


This simple technique is great for getting in front of a targeted audience. Flyers can be posted, or handed out. The cost is low since you can hire a freelancer for the design, and then use an online printer.

A big advantage to this technique is getting in front of a targeted audience. Let’s say your core demographics are parents – market at youth sporting events. In the healthy lifestyle market? Try farmers markets or marathons.

Themed Events

These are great for getting in front of a specific audience. It’s a chance to get in front of hundreds to thousands of people whose interest are the same as the topic you’re promoting. Plus at many of these events there will be bloggers and journalist looking for story ideas.

Contact these events about marketing opportunities. Most allow booths to give out information. Some will let you pass out flyers. Approach it with an open mind as not to miss any opportunities. You may have a marketing idea they don’t currently offer – but would be willing to try.


Newspaper circulation is in decline, but that’s not the case for the popularity of coupons. An advantage to this is it can be done at a local or national level.

The trick is to make an offer people will want to share with others online. Otherwise you’ll just have lots of people using the coupon – while the goal is link development.

When coming up with the offer keep in mind the goal here is obtaining links and exposure. The better the offer – the better the link results.

One strategy is to talk to your suppliers about overstock you can purchase at a good rate to help them clear it out. Then offer that specific product.

Unique Opportunities

As you walk, or drive, around the next few days notice marketing that catches your attention. You may discover some unique opportunities.

For example, in Miami Beach there is a popular city bike rental program that offers advertising space. That’s a unique way to connect with both tourist and locals a like. Yet that isn’t an obvious advertising place one would think of.

Be on the lookout for unique marketing opportunities. These are just a few strategies to use for link marketing offline. Remember, good link development is just good marketing.

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