Google Trends and Insights for Search Become One Mobile-Friendly Service

Google Insights for Search, their tool for comparing search data over time, has been merged into their trending topics Trends tool. In addition, Hot Searches have been expanded from U.S.-only to include data from Japan, Singapore and India.

Google Trends and Google Insights for Search Merge.

Google Trends itself got a facelift and now uses HTML5-based Google Chart Tools. This allows users to load the charts on their mobile devices and view the results without scrolling.

“There’s so much in this data for journalists, academics, and anybody who’s curious about the world to explore, and we’d love to see what you find,” wrote Yossi Matias, Senior Engineering Director in Search.

Users trying to navigate to Insights for Search should be redirected to the new Google Trends tool.

Unfortunately for users of the Google Trends for Websites tool, it was a casualty in the upgrade and is no longer available. In their September “spring cleaning” post, Google wrote, “We will no longer support Trends for Websites, which allowed people to compare traffic to and audiences of different websites.”

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