Google Expands Search Results to Include Calendar, Drive


Google has extended its Gmail search trial to include results from its calendar and online documents applications, as well as adding the features to its email application and its core search tool.

Gmail users will now be offered a mix of search results from their Google Calendar, Google Drive and email messages when they start typing into the Gmail search box.

The first version of the expanded search results offering, which launched in August, was restricted to Gmail messages appearing in Google search results.

As well as adding the new search feature to the Gmail application, Google has also updated its core search functionality. When searching Google for a particular term or name, users will be now be offered a mix of results from their Gmail messages and Google Drive files on the right-hand side of the page, as well as the core search results in the middle.

According to Google, it has received positive feedback on the initial trial, which has led the firm to expand it to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

We signed up and were accepted for the original trial back in August, but have seen very little evidence of it in practice. Although we run Google searches on a daily basis, we’ve seen our Gmail messages returned only once, even though we’ve run tests searching for specific terms included in our email.

We’ve signed up for the extended field trial and will report back on the results once we hear we’ve been accepted.

For those of you keen to try this out for yourselves, the trial is available only in English and for those with addresses.

This article was originally published on the Inquirer.

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