Leveraging Twitter & Facebook Ads at #SESChi

facebook-twitter-metal-logosMerry Morud and Justin Freid know social ads. AimClear’s Online Marketing Account Manager Morud lives and breathes Facebook marketing; she’s managed ad campaigns from companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. How many marketers can say they’ve run Facebook Ads for Martha Stewart Omnimedia?

At digital marketing agency TPG, Freid uses social to communicate with customers and to extend his clients’ reach into new audiences. He manages both Facebook and Twitter campaigns for clients and has been featured in a successful social ads case study by Twitter itself.

Thursday, November 15th, the two will share their experience, case studies, and best practices with SES Chicago attendees. Here, they offer a preview of great things to come in the Leveraging Twitter & Facebook Ads session, which I will be moderating.

For the Non-Believers: Why Do I Need Social Ads When I Already Invest in Search Ads?

“Social media ads help you reach potential customers at a different point in the purchase cycle,” Freid points out. “With many people using social media for research, you can engage a user who may just a need a nudge to get to make a purchase.”

Social ads also help marketers build a strong online community, he said, which can lead to larger brand awareness and a larger audience coming into contact with the brand.

Morud agrees on the brand awareness benefits of Facebook Ads. She also offers a tip for marketers to maximize their return on their social investment: “If you have an existing Facebook community, nurture them and remarket to them as you would with an email list.”

Are Facebook Ads Really as Terrible as GM Said?

Not even close, says Morud. According to her, “If Facebook ads aren’t working either you’re doing them wrong or measuring the results wrong.”

“Marty (Weintraub) wrote a post entitled Thanks GM, That Leaves More Facebook Ad Impressions for Me after GM’s announcement. We then posted that on our Facebook, then built Page Post Ads surrounding it. We targeted to journalists and people who work at publications like the New York Times or Mashable,” she explains.

The result? Those ads led to an interview for aimClear with Ad Age magazine.

“That’s killer PR outreach for a couple bucks!” Morud said. “Facebook ads can work, sometimes in the most unlikely ways.”

Freid agrees, noting that “if you set up and manage your campaign properly, a Facebook ad campaign can be successful.” The key, he said, is in customizing campaigns, having realistic goals, and proper execution.

Changes to the Twitter Ad Platform

As Twitter has worked on improving their site monetization, the ad platform has seen a good deal of updates. New features and options are a great opportunity for marketers; Freid plans on sharing knowledge to being marketers up to date with the changes.

“Twitter’s interest targeting has been a great feature to really finely target messaging to individuals,” he said. “Also, having the ability to delivering specific messaging to individuals has helped keep current audiences from feeling like they are getting spammed. Twitter’s back end analytics have also been a great tool to utilize when reporting our campaign results to clients.”

Social Advertising Myths That Should Die a Horrible Death

Morud points to one social advertising myth in particular that just won’t go away and stay there: Social ads are trivial and don’t work for un-sexy B2B brands.

“Dentists are still dentists and susceptible to marketing message for a cool new tooth scanner while they’re sitting on their couch, catching up on Facebook and watching ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’,” she said.

Freid wishes the persistent message that social ads don’t work simply because they haven’t worked for everyone who has tried them would disappear.

“The social media industry is still growing and only the two major web properties have advertising platforms. As the industry continues to grow, the advertising and targeting capabilities will as well,” he pointed out. “Social media advertising will be a huge part of all of our media budgets in the future, we just have to be patient for the ad delivery methods to catch up with our budgets.”

What to Expect in Leveraging Twitter & Facebook Ads

Freid will share a TPG case study on how a brand utilized Twitter to transition their brand name and launch a multichannel marketing effort. Attendees will learn what to expect from social media advertising in the future and how it can help them build brand awareness, drive leads and build their online community, he said.

Morud says, “Facebook has made significant changes in the ads platform, and for a while, even was confused!” She plans to boil down the changes, talk about the different ad units & what master (KPIs) they serve. According to Morud, she also plans to discuss “killer tips for account structure, targeting, and most importantly, images.”

SEW will bring highlights from SES Chicago sessions to readers throughout the November 12-16 event. For instant access to the best tips and quotes coming out of Chicago, be sure to follow the #SESCHI hashtag on Twitter and keep an eye on the SEWatch Twitter account and Facebook Page.

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