3 Ninja PPC Techniques to Help Retailers Get Ready for Cyber Monday

Ninja in black outfitE-tail marketing is extremely complex and competitive. Margins are low, products are mostly standardized, and competitors are very aggressive. However, all hope is not lost!

Let’s look at three ninja PPC techniques you can use to be a more profitable e-tailer.

1. Google Product Feed Optimization

Google recently changed their shopping over to only show the paid results. We’ve found that the ROI from the product feed is much higher than from text ads. But here’s the kicker: most merchants upload their entire catalog, and bid the same for all of their products.

What you, ninja marketer, will do, is bid on each product individually. How do you do that?

  1. Create a new field in your feed called “adwords_grouping”. Put your product IDs there.
  2. Bulk create ad groups and “product targets” for each product.
  3. Launch your campaign.
  4. Optimize bids at the keyword level.

Voila! You’re four steps ahead of your competitors!

2. ‘Quality Score’ for Third-Party Engines

Google is one of the first to use “quality score” to determine bid prices and ad ranks. However, as touted as they are, Google isn’t the only one that uses it.

The product engines seem to factor in “quality score” as well, they just don’t disclose it. The core of quality score is how good your click-through rate (CTR) is.

If you, dear ninja reader, can fake good CTR to the product engine, you can get some nice little CPC discounts, and some better positioning. When you start expanding on third party engines like Shopzilla, Nextag, Amazon product ads etc., your first step will be to identify your best selling products, and only upload those products to the shopping engines.

3. Better Ad Copy for Products

We find that most e-tailers get so overwhelmed when they look at building out campaigns for products, that they just lump everything into an ad group, and put generic copy. Bad idea! Your ad must stand out from the crowd!

What you should do is build out a campaign for every single product you sell. Every single ad should have pricing in the ad. This will qualify users who click on your ad, increasing your conversion rate. It will often increase your CTR as well.

This technique does require a bit of hard work. If you can’t do it yourself, get someone to do the job for you. Done right, you can see sales triple or quadruple, and CPS/CPA halve simultaneously once you start putting pricing and product information in the ad.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for Cyber Monday? If not, spruce up your marketing campaigns now!

Got any Cyber Monday ninja PPC tips of your own? Share with us in the comments!

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