Top Conversion Optimization Tips to Deploy Before the Holiday Rush

black-friday-rushThat joyous time of year is upon us again, that magical time that kicks off holiday shopping right after Thanksgiving with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you haven’t already started, right now would be the perfect time to deploy some last-minute conversion optimizing changes to your website to take full advantage of what will undoubtedly be a busy holiday season.

1. Use Optional or Temporary Password Masking on Your Authentication Pages

This is right out of a page from mobile operating systems that temporarily show the most recent character you typed in password fields. The theory here is simple, less people that are frustrated entering their password upwards of two or more times are likely going to abandon your site completely.

2. Be Cross-Border & Cross-Country Friendly

Sometimes the best niche stores are local to the east or west coast, and do a great job of converting with local customers, but a really terrible job of selling out of state. Don’t make that mistake; make sure your site is converting customers across the country and even across the border.

3. Review Your Return Policy & Link to it From Your Product Pages With “Feel Good” Messaging

Visitors are ready to buy, credit card in hand, so reduce any hesitation they might have in making the wrong decision in the heat of the moment.

4. Enable “Check Out as a Guest” to Your Shopping Cart

Sometimes holiday shoppers are promiscuous, and only want you for a one-night stand, I say let them! A quick sale is better than no sale at all, and if you woo your one-time customers enough, they’ll be back for more.

5. Remind Shoppers of Shipping Deadlines

Nothing says “buy it now” better than a looming shipping deadline incentivized with a coincidental sale or promotion. Is your shipping deadline the second week of December? Why not incentivize your sales by introducing a promotion that ends at the same time, especially for no cost shipping options.

6. Ramp-up Customer Advice Services Such as Live Chat & Social Media Efforts

Many retailers often miss great opportunities to increase assisted website conversions with extra personnel manning live chat and social media channels during the holidays. Remember that these channels are just as important as your sales center or phone lines and have to be scaled up accordingly.


As with any conversion optimization tips, make sure to thoroughly test these changes before committing them to 100 percent of your visitors. Luckily, the holiday season tends to send a lot of traffic, making significance levels quicker and easier to reach. Don’t stop testing!

Are you ready for the holiday rush? What’re you doing to move the needle this holiday season?

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