Facebook Ports Pages Manager App to Android

Facebook has ported its Pages Manager app to the Android operating system.

Facebook’s Pages Manager app had been available on Apple’s iOS for some time, allowing Page administrators to edit their pages. Now the firm has ported the software to the Android operating system, however the app is only available in selected markets.

Facebook might not be actively advertising the availability of its Android Pages Manager app but it already offers the majority of functions an administrator could want, including the ability to post updates and comments, view and reply to private messages and get notifications of activity on pages.

Curiously Facebook doesn’t provide any details about which countries its Android Pages Manager app is available in, however we can confirm that it isn’t available to Android devices with Google accounts registered in the UK at this time. The firm didn’t provide any information on when it will roll out the app to other countries.

As Facebook tries to build its mobile services, it clearly is not relying on any one smartphone operating system to grow its reportedly half a billion mobile users. However the firm apparently is taking a gradual approach to rolling out its Pages Manager app for Android.

This article was originally published on the Inquirer.

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