Hit the Ice in Google’s Playable Zamboni Doodle


A Google Doodle today celebrates Frank Zamboni, the creator of the standard in ice cleaning and resurfacing for ice rinks the world over.

The interactive Doodle was created in the style of an 8-bit video game. You can both watch ice being resurfaced by a pixelated man on a Zamboni, or click the Doodle to play a game centered around cleaning the various patterns of usage off the ice.

When the game first starts, a skater leaves scraped ice trails. When the skater leaves, the Zamboni vehicle comes out. Your task is to clean the ice using as little fuel as possible.

In higher levels, skaters leave gas cans to re-fuel your ice resurfacing machine as you go. The point is to travel as many “miles” (points) as possible resurfacing the ice without running out of fuel.

The game ends when you run out of fuel and the Zamboni breaks down and spews out ice and snow. As with previous Google Doodle games, you are then presented with your final score and sharing options, along with a photo of various skaters standing along side Mr. Frank Zamboni.


This isn’t Google’s first video game Doodle. Last summer, they celebrated the Olympics with a series of Olympic Games themed Doodles based on Olympic events. Prior to that, Google celebrated Alan Turing with a codebreaking game Doodle and of course, the infamous Pac-Man Doodle that started it all.

As you take time out to play the Zamboni Google Doodle today, take a few more seconds to post your high scores below.

UPDATE: In case you missed the chance to play it, the Doodle lives on here.

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