PPCPaid Search Beyond Google: Social Media, Bing & Retargeting Ads

Paid Search Beyond Google: Social Media, Bing & Retargeting Ads

With the popularity of AdWords, advertisers can struggle to find other channels that are manageable and effective. These SES New York sessions will show you how to break out of this mold and dive into hot new PPC options – or improve your ROI.

Next week SES New York will offer training and education on the latest and greatest trends from expert speakers on a wide range of online marketing topics – from B2B social media to relationship building.

As a PPC expert, I naturally gravitate toward the paid search sessions to get my regular dose of tips and takeaways.

Three sessions featured at this year’s SES New York conference are particularly interesting because they focus on paid search advertising beyond Google AdWords.

With the popularity of AdWords, at times advertisers struggle to find other channels that are manageable and effective.

The following sessions are breaking out of this mold by featuring advertising hot topics you will either want to dive into to discover for the first time, or to discover tactics that can improve your ROI.

1. Social Media Ads on Twitter and Facebook

On Day 1, head to Maximizing Twitter and Facebook Ads for Lead Gen, Engagement & ROI to learn how social PPC can generate a positive ROI from speakers Tal Baron of DataXu and Jennifer Wong of HasOffers.

This deep dive session will cover optimization of Twitter and Facebook ads for lead generation and customer acquisition.

Wong plans to discuss actionable tactics, including planning and set up, to ensure a successful results. Her best practices are validated with experiment results she’s conducted during the past 18 months using Twitter ads.

Example experiments she’ll discuss

  • Device targeting: Do Twitter ads targeting mobile or desktop perform better?
  • Followers targeting: What are the results of targeting Twitter ads to your followers or users like your followers?
  • Images: Do Twitter ads perform better if they include a photo vs. no photo?

Wong will also outline a methodology to define a target audience on Twitter.

Know Your Target Audience

Another hot topic is the Facebook Exchange. The speakers will discuss best practices for brands running on FBX and how the exchange differs from other Facebook ads.

This session, which will be moderated by Miranda Miller, takes place March 26 from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

2. Yahoo Bing Network Ads


Want to know how Bing can help grow your business? Ask Speakers Jason Dailey and Brian Utter of Microsoft. On Day 1 they will present Bing Ads: The Next Evolution in Search Advertising.

Although this is a sponsored session presented by Bing, this will give attendees a good opportunity to have Bing work for them and impress them what Bing is doing to improve its consumer experience and the latest updates on Bing Ads features.

The speakers note that the Yahoo Bing Network has 45 million unique searchers that don’t use Google, and are likely to spend 22 percent more online than the average Internet searcher in the U.S. Their 26 percent search market share can’t be all wrong.

This session will take place March 26 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

3. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is a very effective form of paid ads. Speakers Adam Berke of AdRoll and Kimm Lincoln of Nebo Agency will share a healthy list of dos and don’ts for executing remarketing campaigns in Follow, Reach, Convert: Smart Retargeting/Remarketing on Day 3.

In this session, the speakers will share their experiences with remarketing and the impact it has had on advertisers’ overall ROI.

“The thing about retargeting campaigns is that there is crazy potential – but also potential to be crazy,” Lincoln said. “Done poorly, retargeting will just bore or annoy your audience. However, with some thought and hard work, retargeting can be the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.”

Lincoln believes most people look at their quantitative data to create retargeting segments, but they forget about qualitative research. The best way to create ads that will convert is to speak to your audience and to find out what information they need to make their purchasing decision.

She will be teaching the audience how to combine quantitative analytics data with qualitative audience research to first create smart audience segments, then how to create ads that truly engage and offer value to those segments – whether you’re promoting a B2B lead generation company or a B2C online retailer.

This session will be moderated by Greg Jarboe, and takes place March 28 from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m.

In addition to the sessions on PPC and other advertising, there will be a plethora of educational and networking opportunities to become a better online marketer. Learn more on the SES Conferences & Expo website.


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