Yahoo Updates Mail App for iPad, Android, Launches iPhone Weather App

Yahoo iPad email updateYahoo has updated its email app for iPad and Android tablets to allow users to make use of gesture controls on devices.

The updates will also allow Yahoo Mail users to more easily manage their increasing number of daily emails. One of the most useful new features is that the tablet app will show users how many messages they have from a particular contact.

With just one tap, users can choose to pull all the messages from the sender together and then star, delete or file them all at once. A split-screen view will allow users to manage this sorting process easily.

Yahoo also said the app aims to give users a “magazine-style experience” when reading their emails. For example users will be able to tap the full-screen button in the lower left corner of their message to expand it across the entire screen. To move on to their next message on the iPad, they just need to swipe. If users want to flip through their messages fast, they just need tap the side of the screen.

“As we set out to develop these apps, we wanted to take full advantage of the unique aspects of tablet devices, like the beautiful screens and intuitive gestures, while also making it easier and more fun for you to read and manage your email,” said Yahoo senior director of product management, Lee Parry in the company blog.

Yahoo also today revealed a weather app for iPhone users, which brings together crowdsourced images from Flickr with local and international forecasts.

This article was originally published on V3.

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