Klout Expert Answers Go to Top of Bing’s Search Results

A new question-and-answer feature from social networking site Klout will soon become a more prominent feature in Bing’s search results.

“Klout Experts” is a Q&A feature rolling out to all users in the future, but for now, is reserved for a small test group of Klout users. The answers began showing in Bing search results last week.

Here’s what the Q&As look like at Klout:


And here are Bing’s search results for that same question:


And here’s what you can expect them to eventually look like:


Other Q&A sites like Quora have been one way for brands to gain authority online. But Klout Experts takes the cake in terms of potential visibility.

Klout CEO Joe Fernandez said in the announcement:

The advice and answers you share through Klout will reach others at their exact time of need. Through our partnerships with Bing and others, people searching for help will be able to find your responses, then look at your Klout Moments to understand your perspective, and even connect with you on social media for follow-up conversations.

Questions generated can be answered in 300 characters or less. On TechCrunch, Fernandez said Bing is suggesting potential future questions to Klout for the Q&A forum. So far, most of the questions asked have been supplied by Bing queries, according to reports.

When asked if Klout Experts could turn into a content farm, Fernandez said the answers must be tied to verified identities with good Klout scores.

You can sign up for early access to Klout Experts here.

Bing and Klout first teamed up in September to bring Klout influencers to Bing’s social sidebar.

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