Google Analytics Lets Analytics Premium Users Join Big Data in Google Cloud

Last week brought a barrage of announcements from Google I/O. Part of the late-day announcements, Google Analytics introduced a new feature that’s quite a big deal to Premium Analytics users. Google is now giving Analytics Premium users the ability to use Google BigQuery to crunch their analytics data and other offline data sets.


Announced at Google I/O 2010, Google BigQuery is a web-based service where you can analyze immensely massive data sets using Google’s servers to crunch the numbers. How massive? Up to trillions of rows of data. By using Google’s computing power, you can get insights from that kind of big data in seconds, as opposed to hours or days.

Specifically, Google Analytics Premium users can have their unsampled session-level and hit-level analytics data sent directly into Google’s BigQuery cloud platform to crunch our all kinds of great information really quickly.

According to Google, Premium users who want to use it will have their raw analytics data automatically exported to from Premium to BigQuery on a daily basis. Premium Analytics users can also have data from their other Google products exported into BigQuery to be joined with their analytics data. Additionally, users can also upload other data sets to BigQuery – like offline conversion data – to be joined together.

BigQuery also includes other benefits, like access control lists to prohibit who can see, access and query the data sets. Google’s announcement suggests you can “store as much as you want, paying only for what you use.”

Are you a Analytics Premium user and want in? Google has a BigQuery sign-up form to get you started.

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