Google Analytics Finally Gives Developers Content Experiments API

Google Analytics revamped Content Experiments last summer. Now, nearly a year later, they’ve announced a new round of improvements, including API calls.


Last week, Google announced the launch of a specific API for Content Experiments. The same tool that allows users to use A/B content tests on their site is now available through an API. The new content experiments API allows developers to pick and choose from all the features available within Google Analytics Content Experiments and create a custom solution that fits their needs.

Several advantages include:

  • Testing Without Redirects: When performing A/B tests with Content Experiments, the snippet of code you place on your “A” page redirects users to the “B” page. This can, in select cases, take away from the end-user experience. Using the Content Experiments API, you are able to test content without using redirects.
  • Server-Side Testing: Content Experiments in Google Analytics currently only allows for client-side testing. That is to say, they show changes the visitors would see in their browsers. With the new Content Experiments API, developers can now run tests server-side to test experimentations with different page-dependent elements like a database query. Google offers technical documentation that involves sample Python code through Google’s App Engine.
  • Additional Variation Selection Logic: Applying the multi-armed bandit approach to your Content Experiment allows you to serve variations of your A/B testing. Using the new Content Experiments API, developers can bypass Google’s programmatic optimization while still reporting the results of your tests within Google Analytics.

The full details of the new Content Experiments features can be found on Google’s Developers site.

Does your web team use APIs to interact with Google Analytics? If your team will be using this, sound off in the comments below.

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