Facebook Graph Search Now Available to All U.S. English Users

Facebook Graph Search, a way to discover people, interests and more on Facebook, has finally rolled out to all U.S. English users after nearly eight months since its inception.

If you haven’t yet used Graph Search, Facebook in its announcement recapped some scenarios users can take advantage of:

  • Find old friends or meet new people who share your interests: For example, “people from my hometown,” or “friends of friends who live nearby and like playing tennis.”
  • Revisit your favorite photos or photos you missed: “Photos I like” or “photos of my family.”
  • Discover restaurants and places recommended by others like “hotels in Seattle visited by my friends” or “restaurants in New York liked by graduates of the Culinary Institute of America.”
  • Look for interesting activities to explore such as “movies my friends like” or “music liked by people who like the music that I like.”

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook also said it’s now starting to retire the “who can look up my timeline by name?” feature, as announced back in December 2012:

Everyone used to have a setting called “Who can look up my timeline by name,” which controlled if someone could be found when other people typed their name into the Facebook search bar. The setting was very limited in scope, and didn’t prevent people from finding others in many other ways across the site.

Because of the limited nature of the setting, we removed it for people who weren’t using it, and have built new, contextual tools, along with education about how to use them. In the coming weeks, we’ll be retiring this setting for the small percentage of people who still have it.

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