Got 99 Problems? Missed Paid Search Opportunities Shouldn’t Be One

Samsung made a big splash this summer with their marketing partnership with Jay Z and his latest album release “Magna Carta Holy Grail”. Samsung bought 1 million copies of the album to give away to their customers.

This deal, in addition to the long-form commercial announcing the launch during the NBA finals, created a great deal of buzz for both Samsung and Jay Z. So much buzz in fact that the album became Jay Z’s 12th number one album, and set records for the number of streams on Spotify with 14 million.

So what does this have to do with paid search? Two things:

  • It highlighted how much songs can influence search behavior.
  • It’s a reminder that being mindful of search trends can create opportunities for brands.

Two songs on Jay Z’s new album brought this to light: Tom Ford and Picasso. Look at what happened to these two keywords from Google Trends:



Both keywords saw massive pops in search volume after the launch of the new album. Picasso’s volume reached the high with the launch of the video to support the song.

These are names that drive retail revenue on a daily basis at a predictable rate via clothes, sunglasses, art, books, etc. Then along came these songs and just like that traffic jumped through the roof.

But where are the retailers jumping on the trend? I couldn’t find a single advertiser on searches for Picasso, Picasso art, or Picasso book.

The keyword Tom Ford had no listings, and only Google product listings were available on Tom Ford suits and Tom Ford sunglasses.

Where are the advertisers? My guess is that any brands that are selling these products don’t have their ear to the ground to mine keywords on a regular basis.

These opportunities aren’t always right and this isn’t an absolute rule; however, trends and opportunities like these show themselves all the time. When used correctly, search trends can drive efficient and low cost traffic given the low competitive set that isn’t as nimble.

Google Trends has a Top Charts list that can help keep track of some of these opportunities. The other place to watch is your search query report to find out how consumers are finding your site either via organic, or paid sources.

What more can I say? Happy trend hunting!

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