Google Search Now More Personal: Ask Google About Your Travel, Purchases, Plans, Photos

Whats My Flight Status

When you’re traveling, not all mobile sites are created equal, even airport and airline mobile sites. Sometimes you just quickly want to check flight status, but it’s easier said than done when you’re dealing with multiple legs of the flight and multiple airlines.

Google has launched a new feature designed to make it extremely easy for travelers to find out their flight status, without having to scramble for flight numbers or worry about excessive Internet charges from leapfrogging around airline sites.

Now, if you have your flight information in your Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google+, you can simply type or use voice search to ask “What’s my flight status?” in Google search and Google will tell you. They are also extending this to reservations, purchases, plans, and photos.

  • Flights: “Is my flight on time?” for flight status information
  • Reservations: Ask for “my reservations” for dining plans or “my hotel” for hotel name and address.
  • Purchases: Ask for “my purchases,” for order status.
  • Plans: Ask Google “What are my plans for tomorrow?” for a summary of plans on your calendar.
  • Photos: Say “Show me my photos from Thailand” to find specific photos you uploaded to Google+

Google plans to unroll these features in the U.S. for English-speaking users over the next several days. It’s enabled for desktop, tablets, and smartphone.

For those who use Google Now, this is offering the same information, only with Google search instead.

Google also notes of the information is secure and via an encrypted connection, and it will only be visible to you and your signed into your Google account. However, you have the option to turn the service on and off in your search options, both temporarily and permanently.

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