SES San Francisco Digital Swag: Bing Ads Insights, Marketing E-Books & More

Attendees at SES San Francisco 2013 had the opportunity to snap up books, shirts, bags and other assorted goodies from sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. Even if you couldn’t make it to the City by the Bay, you can still take advantage of these free e-books, reports and insights offered by conference sponsors.

Bing Shares Ad Combination Performance Heatmaps

Bing Heatmap

Which combinations of phrases drive the best performance and more clicks? These are questions Bing Ads tackled in a study of over 250,000 unique ads from multiple industries with more than 300 million ad impressions, in a 30-day period.

“Does having ‘free shipping’ or specific price points in a retailer’s ad drive the likelihood of ad being clicked? Yes. Does it matter if the price points are in the ad title or description? Yes. Add in 20+ other common ad copy phrases, and in one picture you have a Bing Ads Performance Heatmap,” said John Gagnon, Bing Ads Evangelist. “We looked at several hundreds of thousands of ads across hundreds of millions of impressions, found common words and phrases to provide insight into what makes an ad clickable.”

Check out ad combination heatmaps for the travel and financial services industries on Gagnon’s SlideShare page.

Tealium & Forrester: The Evolution of Tag Management

Forrester Consulting, in conjunction with Tealium, did this survey to better understand the evolving role that tag management is playing in helping marketers solve their big data challenges at the source.

“Tag management is becoming well known for helping marketers increase agility and performance by making it easier to deploy and manage vendor tags without requiring IT assistance,” said Erik Bratt, Tealium’s VP of Marketing. “But a vast majority of marketers (94 percent) now see its greater value as managed service for collecting, segmenting and distributing highly actionable visitor data.”

This 14-page report explores this trend and provides recommendations on what to look for in tag management solution. Download The Evolution of Tag Management here.

The Secret to Natural Website Conversions, from Internet Marketing Ninjas

kim-krause-berg-ebookKim Krause Berg shares her experience and advice on how to decrease site ab ayendonment and bounce rates, increase page views and conversions and send happy signals to search engines in this free e-book from Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Watch for Gabriel Goldenberg’s “Advanced SEOs’ 7 Curiously Obvious Rules” coming to the IMN’s collection soon.

SEO Factors and Trends – Midyear 2013 Report from Bruce Clay

Clay and his team of SEO analysts recently shared the mid-2013 iteration of their SEO Factors and Trends Report. Factors covered in the report include:

  • Linking penalties and Penguin updates.
  • Local business visibility in search results.
  • Mobile users and the need for responsive design.
  • Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Their informative report also includes 20 pages of analysis to help guide strategy through to the end of the year.

Marketing Tips, Chats and Insights

Check out these other free resources from companies at SES San Francisco:

If you missed SES San Francisco, you can still get the highlights from this year’s opening keynote, featuring Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts and Patrick Thomas, a specialist on Google’s User Policy team.

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