Bing Redesigns Search Experience, Introduces New Logo

Bing LogoEarlier this year, we got a sneak peek of what was considered a possible new Bing logo. Today, it’s official. Bing has a new identity and logo.

Using the Microsoft corporate font, Segoe, the word Bing is represented in lower-case letters with a symbol that resembles a stylish “b” – not a distant reach from the previously leaked identity, and on-par with the new Office logo.

The new look was designed to unite Bing with Microsoft’s “One Microsoft” vision outlined by CEO Steve Ballmer earlier this year. While the rollout will take time, the logo is already appearing in the search boxes on top Bing blog pages.

Bing: Redesigned to Decide

New Bing Homepage

The new brand will be part of the redesigned Bing search experience across all devices and properties. Also aligning with the One Microsoft Vision, Bing aims to be “more helpful, more human.”

Noting that Bing Image and Maps are part of Word and Excel, respectively, Microsoft stated how Bing is an important service layer for Microsoft. The new look, while a major part is only one component of the new Bing.

The new Bing site includes:

  • A Modern Interface: The new design is a more organized, two-column layout with plenty of whitespace. While still sporting the same blue links, the font has changed on links and headings. The search box is large and prominent with a 23-point font. Microsoft has already started using boxes in the layout, similar what you’d see on a Windows Phone or Windows 8 Start screen, as indicated by this query:

American Airlines Bing Boxes

Calling this redesign a “journey to a modern experience,” Bing has left it open for variations on that theme in future releases, offering this possible design evolution:

Katy Perry Bing SERP

  • Snapshot: Bing’s representation of information at-a-glance has been enhanced. The second column now displays information about your search query, in addition to social network shares, check-ins and other information. Essentially, Bing has now combined snapshots and social sidebar together in one column.
  • Page Zero: A new feature, originally introduced two months ago, Page Zero is essentially Snapshot information contained within autocomplete. One click from the search box auto suggests, gives you answers or important information, without actually waiting for a search results page.
  • Pole Position: One box to answer them all. Pole Position delivers answers to your query for which Bing is feeling extremely “confident” in. Results are bold and include as much relevant information as possible to help you dig deep into the results. You’ll find these results in queries for weather and certain people
  • Mobile Experience: Dubbing Bing as “The Right Experience for Any Device,” Bing aims to provide the right results and interface no matter how you search. Redesigned from the ground up, Bing search will aims for a faster, better, experience. Bing for Windows Phone 8 already has these new features.

While the logo certainly appears to be a shift in brand perception, a Microsoft spokesperson told Search Engine Watch these changes are more of a refresh of the search experience.

Over the past several years, Microsoft has been all about a difference search experience. From Bing for iPad to custom Windows 8 apps, Bing has gone above and beyond to make search natural and easier. This next evolution of Bing will become part of that experience.

Try out the new Bing at: and let us know what you think in the comments.

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