LocalBing Ads Express Manages Paid Search for Local Businesses

Bing Ads Express Manages Paid Search for Local Businesses

Bing has launched a new automated paid search program in 25 U.S. cities that makes it easier for local businesses to start PPC advertising. Claim your business, write an ad, select where you want it to run, and Bing's algorithms will do the rest.

Local businesses now have the option to advertise online in a way that might be a bit more accessible with Bing’s new managed paid search offering, announced just last week. With “Bing Ads Express,” local business owners provide certain details upfront for setup, and Bing manages the rest through an automated system.

“We take that information and do all the heavy lifting for you,” Bing said in its announcement. “From creating Ad Groups, Keywords and Bids, to managing your advertising campaign on a daily basis. Not to worry – you always stay in control; you tell us how much you want to spend in a month and we will make sure you never spend a penny more.”

bing-ads-expressThe ads are managed through automation, so that means “there is no human interaction with the campaigns at either the point of creation, or while managing the campaign from day to day,” said a Bing spokesperson.

So it looks like businesses will need to be proactive in order to track success and monitor for potential improvements in their accounts.

“With Bing Ads Express, the algorithms running the campaigns use insights from the thousands of campaigns running within Bing Ads to create the campaign, manage the keywords and spend programmatically,” a Bing spokesperson said. “Users can log in to their dashboard at any time to view the details like impressions, clicks and spend, and also see their top five keywords.”

She added, “From there, users may provide feedback on the campaign, which will be evaluated by a team member and appropriate action initiated on the campaign in order to make improvements.”

Currently, Bing offers this service in 25 metropolitan areas in the United States in several different business categories.


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