Social5 New Awesome Features Twitter Would be Crazy Not to Add

5 New Awesome Features Twitter Would be Crazy Not to Add

As Twitter seeks out new revenue streams over the next year, the company should consider adding these hot new features: embedded Slideshares; click to buy; retargeting for promoted tweets; feed control; and basic analytics for basic users.

Twitter IPO Opening Day Volume and Stock Price

Twitter went public last week. As Twitter stock fluctuates, the company will try to find new revenue streams to justify its hefty $22 billion market cap.

Since, as a Twitter user, I’m worth $110/month to Twitter, here are my $110-worth of ideas for what other features I’d like to see from them in the next year. (Cool app note: want to see how much you’re worth? Try out this interactive calculator)

1. Embedded Slideshares

Embedded Media in a Tweet

Twitter allows media to be embedded into tweets, like images, YouTube videos, and Vine. As a marketer, I’d love to see a Slideshare-Twitter partnership where you can embed Slideshares directly in a tweet. Would LinkedIn allow it now that they compete for similar portfolio positions?

2. Click to Buy


Twitter Lead Generation Cards were a huge feature for B2B marketers allowing Twitter users to request content directly from Twitter, essentially converting to leads (using CRM integrations like The next evolution should be a click-to-buy.

We’ve already seen Starbucks Tweet-a-Coffee program. Imagine an Amazon-Twitter partnership where you see a product on a tweet and can immediately click to buy it. Another revenue stream? Heck yeah!

3. Retargeting for Promoted Tweets

Promoted Products, Twitter’s core offering and its main revenue generator, include the famous Promoted Tweets product. As a marketer, I’d love the ability to retarget using Promoted Tweets. Clicked on my promoted Tweet? Join my cookie pool for future remarketing.

4. Feed Control

This one should be a no-brainer for Twitter. With over 500 million tweets per day and an average of 208 followers per user, going through the feed is virtually impossible. Most of the time you read the last few tweets, use the search, or engage with the ones that mention you or your brand.

I call for feed control; the ability to filter, sort or group your feed so content discovery is easier. Easiest aspects to enable filtering, sorting and grouping would be: date, number of followers, geolocation, and popularity/engagement.

5. Basic Analytics for Basic Users

Twitter Engagement Megaphone

If you use Twitter Ads you have access to Twitter’s analytics, which is pretty badass. But if you’re just a basic user you will have to revert to using third-party solutions to analyze your Twitter activity. Shouldn’t all basic users have some access to basic analytics on Twitter?


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