Yahoo Hopes to Raise $4 Million by Selling 500 Domains

Bacon sandwichYahoo wants to raise some cash by selling some of the domain names that it has acquired over the years.

Over time Yahoo built up quite a portfolio of domain names, and it is now ready to part with some of them. Most interesting among them is

The auction started today and runs for a week. Yahoo is calling the event Domainapalooza, and hopes to make as much as $4 million.

“When you’re a company that’s been around as long as Yahoo, there are lots of fun things that you stumble across. This year, we found a huge list of domain names that the company has owned for quite some time,” it said in a Tumblr post signed by Kevin Kramer, deputy general counsel.

“As we discussed what to do with them, it became obvious that it was time to set them free… back into the wild of the Internet. Surely, creative people, businesses and entrepreneurs could come up with something great to do with them. They could even spark some brand new ideas or companies.”

That seems reasonable. A business that owns probably should sell sandwiches, or at least have something to do with sandwiches.

Kramer posted some more domain names and some suggestions as to what the sites’ contents could be.

He revealed that Yahoo has been nesting on, which could be about crackers, and, which he said could be a social network for people who ride horses.

There is a long list of available domains and some have higher price tags than others. Yahoo has put the domain up for sale and suggested a price range of $1 million to $1.5 million.

Yahoo is the proud owner of an interesting stable of domains that includes,,,, and

Of all the 517 domains for sale, the cheapest listed is You can pick that up for just $100.

This article was originally published on the Inquirer.

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