Google Adds Ability to Undo Changes in AdWords

Google AdWords Changes

Google has finally added a long requested feature to Google AdWords in the form of a simple “Undo” button. This essentially provides advertisers with a backup of all the things they are changing within their account. Once the button is clicked, it will revert to the campaign as it was then.

Heather Cooan from Clix Marketing was the first to spot the change live in an account.

This tool will make it much easier for advertisers to test things with their campaign, and if they discover is has a lower CTR or CPA, with a single click of the button they can revert it back to its previous state. Previously, advertisers could only undo by hand, or by using a backup taken from before the changes were made.

“The ability to undo changes in AdWords will be a valuable feature to advertisers,” said Lisa Raehsler of Big Click Co. “Sometimes changes will have a different impact on an account than what was intended. Simply using ‘undo’ will save time and ultimately money.

“But remember that account edits influence one another,” Raehsler said. “Some optimization edits are interdependent, so a change on Monday may have forced another change on Thursday. Now the ‘undo’ button is something to consider as a change in and of itself.”

It doesn’t seem as though all the changes are being documented, so it’s unclear how accurate these undo snapshots are, or if multiple changes are grouped into a single undo, although it appears that in most cases it undoes a single change for each undo.

Also, it seems to be tied somewhat to the AdWords Top Movers report, which was added this summer, [] to help advertisers undo changes they made that are causing their campaigns to not perform as well. And advertisers will need to keep track of how undos could affect other changes made between the version that was live, and the restored version.

It will also be interesting to see if Bing Ads comes out with a similar undo button feature for their advertisers. The Bing Ads Editor has an option to undo changes, but from before changes are uploaded live.

The changes aren’t live across all accounts, so it seems to be a limited test, hopefully just checking for bugs and other issues before it rolls out to all AdWords accounts. Google has so far not commented about the change, nor are there any help documents on their site regarding new undo feature.

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