Content16 Examples of How to Use Non-SEO Friendly Content for SEO

16 Examples of How to Use Non-SEO Friendly Content for SEO

Multimedia formats can be used to not only garner links, but also worked into a larger strategy that has implications for search. Here are some ideas of how to use Vine and Instagram videos, animated GIFs, and memes for SEO.

A good search marketer must understand that the content landscape is changing. This point was once again highlighted in an interesting post written by Jack Marshall at Digiday, on the “death of the webpage“.

As the content landscape shifts, and new formats emerge, the reality is that SEO professionals will need to share their budgets and strategies with other channels and some of those may not be SEO friendly to the naked eye.

Need some content examples? We’ve got 16 for you, all created by the CopyPress team.

All of these examples are going to be content that is in image or video format, making the utilization of the content for SEO difficult. However, skilled search veterans know that multimedia formats can be used to not only garner links, but also worked into a larger strategy that has implications for search.

Vine Videos

Vine is a great way to get concise ideas captured and shared. The app is easy to use, but the inability to upload video produced outside of the Vine keeps the creativity limited. You can share Vine videos across multiple platforms, and since they are embeddable can be utilized on webpages.

The key value for an SEO around quality Vine video creation is going to be creating great content around the video or multiple videos. In this case, Vine videos become a curation play.

The other great thing about Vine is that a lot of video already exists for you to get things rolling without ever picking up a smartphone.

Idea for Utilization: Product videos that demonstrate the value of products your company creates.

Some Ideas


Stop Motion

Instagram Videos

Instagram videos allow for more customization since you can create and import the video. They are also longer, and therefore better for certain video formats. Like Vine videos, the value to the SEO, beyond basic brand recognition, would be creating content that curates the Instagram videos in some way. This will create both linkable and indexable content.

What’s great for SEO professionals is that both Vine and Instagram are likely on the PR and social media teams’ shortlist for 2014, so getting to piggyback on their budgets and efforts is a win.

Idea for Utilization: A blog post with interviews taken at a conference.

Some Ideas


Stop Motion

Animated GIFs

These are nothing new, but there utilization has changed from simply dancing bananas to full on video clips. These are fully customizable, but don’t allow for audio.

One reason to use animated GIFs over Instagram or Vine videos is the ability for attribution. GIFs are perfect for platforms such as Tumblr, and being able to attribute the original source material to your site gives you a great way to build links in an organic fashion around multimedia content.

Can GIFs drive traffic and links? I guess you’ve never been to BuzzFeed before.

Idea for Utilization: Utilization of DIY clips for how-to posts.

Some Ideas

Banana Death GIF

Plumber Meets Gorilla GIF

Chase GIF


Memes can be a way to show your brand’s fun side. We have found creating new meme concepts better for brands than using most commonly used memes, however depending on your brand voice established memes may indeed work.

The other upside with creating your own memes is attribution. By creating your own creative meme’s, housing them on your site, and seeding them socially, you create great linkbait.

Idea for Utilization: Brand specific “meme character” that you can use to relate industry specific humor around.

Some Ideas

Obsessed Pinterest Mom

Just pinned 1000 dinner recipes...hasn't cooked in weeks

Has no idea what quinoa is

Poetic Opossum

Now she has rabies

I'm color blind

Angsty Suburban Teen

Mom wouldn't let me go to the ICP concert...


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