LocalYelp Gets a Facelift, Puts Visual Content Front and Center

Yelp Gets a Facelift, Puts Visual Content Front and Center

Yelp redesigned its look and feel to give more space to imagery and make accessing information about a local business or place simpler. With a new image carousel and more space for review content, Yelp has finally capitalized on the power of imagery.

If you’ve been over at Yelp this week, you may have noticed a few changes. A new redesign puts photos front and center, and gives users more chances to get the info that’s important to them quickly.

Looking at the new design, it seems that Yelp has finally capitalized on to the visual content trend to make images a main feature in a business listing. Take this listing for the SLS hotel in Los Angeles; you can now see a scrolling carousel of community images:


Yelp has also revamped its review highlights. “Because review highlights are so useful, we’ve given them a huge upgrade, mining our review data to call out the best menu items, prices and important information like whether a bar is beer and wine only,” Yelp said in its announcement.


You can find common threads here, like how many reviews mention cotton candy, as in the SLS listing:


Plus, reviews are now given more space to share images as well, as you can see below:


From Yelp:

Yelpers have contributed more than 53 million reviews to date, so of course we couldn’t leave this important section untouched. Since Yelp’s rich content is so valuable in helping people make spending decisions, we adjusted the column width and font size for optimal readability, while adding large photos in-line to give further context to a Yelper’s experience.

The new facelift is a slight distraction from the controversy surrounding Yelp lately; with legal battles centering on anonymous and fake reviews, and even a sting operation by Yelp to crack down on them, Yelp’s review system has been under fire.

Yelp said it hopes the redesign will make it easier for its 120 million unique visitors monthly to connect with local businesses.


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