Google, Yandex Integrate Display Ad Platforms

Yandex LogoIf you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? Google has teamed up with Russia’s top search engine to help revolutionize display ads in the Russian market.

This morning, Yandex announced a partnership with Google for online display advertising sales.

In the deal, Google’s demand-side ad platform, DoubleClick Bid Manager, will be connected to Yandex’s real-time bidding system. At the same time, Yandex’s demand-side platform, named AWAPS, will become part of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Google’s real-time bidding marketplace.

Real-time bidding is a newer technology that allows buyers to bid and purchase ad space on an impression-by-impression basis. This partnership now allows both Google’s and Yandex’s real-time bidding systems integration, providing Google’s advertising customers with access to Yandex’s inventory and Yandex’s ad customers access to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Yandex Real-time Bidding Joins with Google DoubleClick

“The integration of the two advertising systems will undoubtedly stimulate the online advertising market,” said Nikolay Danilov, head of sales technologies at Yandex. “The transparency that is characteristic of RTB systems creates new possibilities for growth. The more players, the wider range of ad inventory, the greater the competition for placement, and the higher the quality of the ads themselves. We anticipate that the partnership with Google will result in increased display advertising sales and improvements in ad quality.”

Frank Einecke, head of SEEMEA media buying solutions, DoubleClick, shared his happiness about this RTB partnership.

“Given the adoption speed of RTB in this market, accessing local and global qualified inventory is key to our publishers and advertisers who are looking for incremental reach,” Einecke said. “We are very excited to see the Russian market moving towards innovative programmatic solutions that can serve both branding and performance strategies in reaching their targets in a more efficient way.”

Google has always been the leader in ad display optimization. Yandex brings their MatrixNet technology which learns user behaviors to better target ads with incredible precision. Together, Google and Yandex have the ultimate ad platform delivery system.

The agreement between the two search giants has already been signed. They’re already trying to implement the technologies, which is expected to take several months.

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