New UserStats Tool Uses Social Proof to Grow Conversions recently hit the scene with a new tool that offers free to paid subscriptions for increasing a websites conversion through “social proof.” Social proof is a concept rooted in psychology that discusses the power social influence has on a person’s behavior.

UserStats taps into the power of social proof by allowing websites to display the current activity happening in real time on their website; think downloads, visitors, purchases and more.


The company’s founder, Dr. David Darmanin, created UserStats after finding, through years of testing at large and small companies, that there were some things that worked almost all the time when optimizing for conversions. Social proof was one of them.

“One of the most interesting discoveries I made was that showing usage numbers – proof that a given service or product is widely used – to site visitors consistently led to an increase in the number of visitors that converted into customers or users, said Darmanin. “It became clear to me that sites that failed to show user activity and usage statistics were often being judged as ’empty restaurants’ by visitors – which led to them abandoning the site.”

Companies from Basecamp to eBay use social proof statistics in some form or another, but what UserStats is attempting to do with their tools is make it easy to implement and accessible to everyone in terms of cost.

“The tool has been built with simplicity in mind – all a site owner needs to do is set up some simple tracking, similar to Google Analytics, and set a goal to track,” said Darmanin. “UserStats will then show your visitors the right stat at the right time – its all dynamic and automated. And more importantly, it’s verified by a third party, making it extremely trustworthy. Our team manually checks every stat that is set up or modified to ensure it’s authentic.”

Here’s a screenshot of the widget with “dummy” stats:


Once the widgets are up and running, how do you know if social proof is working for your conversions? Test, of course.

In a demo of the tool, UserStat’s Johan Malmberg recommends a split test for a period of time to see how conversions fare with and without the social proof stats.

And if you don’t have a lot of activity on your site, not to worry. UserStats allows you to set thresholds where the numbers only show when those minimum thresholds have been met.

UserStats is offering a special 90-day trial of the basic, pro or premium version of the tool, and you can access that code over at Search Engine Watch on Facebook.

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